British Zoo’s Hilarious Solution to Pesky Seagull Problem!

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Are you tired of the same old boring jobs, would like to start fresh, and on top of it all, are an animal lover? Well you might be interested in this new adventurous new job opening at an English zoo. Blackpool Zoo, in Lancashire England is searching for  qualified employees and have gone so far to troll former comedians for the job. Stay tuned for the entertaining story.

Blackpool Zoo, in Lancashire, England, has been struggling to keep seagulls away from its patrons, especially when food is involved. In response, the zoo has advertised a new job opportunity that has caught the attention of animal lovers and social media users alike. The job involves dressing up as an eagle and scaring off the pesky seagulls. The zoo has received a lot of attention, including a tweet from James Corden, who was invited to apply for the position. The job has sparked a debate on social media, with many questioning whether this is a legitimate job or a publicity stunt.

The job advertisement, posted on the Blackpool Zoo website, has created a buzz on social media. The zoo is seeking up to five people to fill the seagull deterrent position. The job description requires candidates to be “visitor focused,” “friendly,” and “outgoing” and to be comfortable wearing a bird costume. 

Other essential skills include being “lively, energetic, fun and, most importantly, an excellent flapper.” The zoo has warned potential applicants that they will likely be approached by zoo patrons who want to take photos with them.

Reading about a new job opportunity at a nearby zoo, a British broadcaster couldn’t keep a straight face. You won’t want to miss this. 

As the broadcaster showed there, the best part was when they strategically trolled comedian James Corden in a tweet about the position. 

Many social media users have criticized the zoo for advertising such a job. Some claim that it is an insult to those who have to work long hours in more demanding jobs. Others have called it a publicity stunt designed to draw attention to the zoo. However, the zoo has defended the position, stating that it is a legitimate job and that they are serious about finding the right candidates.

While some with no sense of humor and adventure have criticized the position, the zoo has defended it as a legitimate job. The zoo’s attempt to find seagull deterrents has sparked a debate about the ethics of zoos and their role in society. However, it remains to be seen whether the position will be filled by the right candidates, but one thing is clear: the Blackpool Zoo has captured the attention of the world with its unusual job advertisement and we hope some energetic adult looking for work will find enjoyment with such a job. It may not appeal to everyone but it surely will peak someone’s interest so until then, happy hunting Blackpool Zoo.

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