Fleeing the Democrat Wasteland: Another Celebrity Leads the Exodus From California

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It seems Democrat policies have finally pushed Scott Baio, known for playing Chachi Arcola on the sitcom Happy Days, to his limit. After living in the socialist utopia of California for over four decades, the actor has decided he’s had enough. The state’s skyrocketing homelessness and rampant crime have made it clear to Baio that California is no longer a safe place. And he’s not alone. Other celebrities, including Katy Perry and Matthew McConaughey, have also voiced their concerns about raising children in the Golden State. Perhaps it’s time for California’s leaders to listen to their citizens and reconsider their destructive policies. Now, let’s dive in and explore what pushed Baio to his breaking point.

California, the once Golden State, has experienced a decline in safety and has become a playground for those who advocate for Democrat policies. The appalling condition of the state has left many citizens scrambling for a way out and celebrities are no exception. Actor Scott Baio recently spoke out about his dissatisfaction with the constant destruction of California, adding that it is “not a safe place anymore.” Baio, a longtime resident of Los Angeles who has lived in the state for more than four decades, has finally decided to leave for the sake of his safety and wellbeing. 

In a tweet that garnered attention, Baio mentioned that he is “making [his] way to finally ‘exit stage right’ from California” after enduring the horrific conditions brought about by the Left. In addition, a report by KTLA5 revealed a disturbing statistic that an estimated 69,000 people are experiencing homelessness in L.A. County, with 41,000 in the city as of 2022. The streets are littered with tents, human waste, and needles; a disheartening sight that has caused property values to plummet. 

As Baio further pointed out, the crime rate has reached an all-time high and there appear to be no consequences for rampant criminality. Lawlessness has become the norm in California, leading to an increase in prices for basic necessities for honest, hard-working citizens. The state is no longer a haven for the safety and comfort of its inhabitants. 

Baio’s decision to leave echoes similar sentiments from other celebrities such as Katy Perry, Matthew McConaughey, and Joe Rogan, who likewise chose to remove their children from the state in search of greener pastures. 

It’s time for politicians to listen to their citizens and start putting safety and security first. Otherwise, California will continue to lose its brightest stars and most productive citizens.

California’s root problem is the implementation of Democrat policies that have dismantled the state. Democrats’ welfare state has only served to attract millions of people to the state without any promise of a better life. It has only left a backlog of social ills and caused progressive ruin.  The policies and ideologies implemented by Democrats have systematically destroyed the once-brilliant State. If things don’t change, more people, especially those who value their safety and wellbeing, will flee this once-great State. California has become a perfect example of how shameful incompetence and lack of accountability can ruin a vibrant and spirited state.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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