Title 42 Lifting: Brace Yourself For an Even Worst Disaster!

The looming crisis that faces America cannot be ignored any longer.
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The looming crisis that faces America cannot be ignored any longer. Although the current border situation is a pressing issue, it may soon pale in comparison to the surge of illegal aliens that threatens to invade our country. Brace yourself, citizens, for this surge could very well compromise the safety and stability of our nation.

The Border Patrol union has issued a dire warning about the lifting of Title 42, a policy that allows for the expulsion of illegal migrants at the border, set to expire this week. The union has stated that the situation will be so catastrophic that it will make the current crisis, which sees over 8,000 illegal crossings per day, with countless gotaways, look like amateur hour. The Border Patrol agents are encountering large numbers of people from countries all around the world. This is a situation that should concern every American.

The lifting of Title 42 is set to occur on May 11, and according to the National Border Patrol union, it will have devastating consequences. The union has stated that the situation at the border will become worse than it has ever been before. The union has called out the incompetence of the Biden administration, stating that the president has no clue about how to contain what he has unleashed at the border. The union has stated that the Department of Homeland Security is being run by clowns who are incapable of managing the situation.

The situation at the border has been worsening every day. In the last ten days, there have been 7,700 arrests per day, and Title 42 has not ended yet. This means that the situation is going to get worse. During the Obama and Trump administrations, there was a 700% increase in illegal immigration compared to normal days, and the current situation is much worse than that.

The Border Patrol agents are encountering people from countries that are not typical sources of illegal migration. India, China, Brazil, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Senegal, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Somalia, and Egypt are just some of the countries that Border Patrol agents are encountering. This is not normal and should raise concerns for national security.

Here was a scene this week at the Border while millions were falsely processing for asylum:

Congressman Tony Gonzalez also released a video showing us the scene at the border a week before the end of title 42:

The looming expiration of Title 42 is causing alarm bells to ring at the border, with dire predictions being made by those on the front lines. The National Border Patrol Union issuing a warning that the situation will rapidly spiral out of control, making the current crisis look like child’s play. It’s clear to anyone paying attention that the Biden administration is severely lacking in competence and integrity, with lies and propaganda being the norm. As a result of their behavior, the situation at the border is becoming increasingly dangerous, with innocent lives at risk.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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