Cheney’s Obsession with Trump Continues & You Won’t Believe Her Plan

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Former Rep. Liz Cheney’s obsession with destroying former President Donald Trump has become a staple of her political agenda. Despite the fact that her attempts to cancel him have failed not once already, she continues to return to the public spotlight, seemingly relishing in the opportunity to spew forth her venomous attacks on the former president. Her re-emergence is not only unnecessary, but downright annoying.Stay tuned to find out.

Former Rep. Liz Cheney’s Great Task PAC has released a 60-second ad in New Hampshire against former President Donald Trump, claiming that he is a risk America can never take again. The ad features footage from January 6, 2021, and accuses Trump of refusing to guarantee the peaceful transfer of power, making him the only president in American history to do so. Cheney’s ad has garnered criticism from Republicans, who accuse her of being obsessed with taking down Trump rather than focusing on defeating Democrats.

While Cheney’s PAC is targeting Trump, the former president remains a popular figure in the Republican Party. He won the New Hampshire primary in 2016 with 35.23 percent of the vote, and only lost the general election that year by 0.3 percent. In the current Republican primary, Trump is leading the pack, with Cheney polling in the single digits.

Cheney’s ad is also facing criticism from her own party, with current Rep. Harriet Hageman (R-WY), Cheney’s successor, calling it a waste of money. Hageman accused Cheney of having a personal vendetta against Trump and of using donations from Democrats to settle a personal score. She also predicted that New Hampshire voters will reject the idea that a woman from Virginia could tell them what to think.

In addition to criticism from Hageman, Cheney’s ad has also drawn ire from conservative commentators. Sam Janney of Twitchy pointed out that Cheney should be focusing on defeating Democrats rather than going after Trump. Janney argued that Cheney’s obsession with taking down Trump is dangerous and could cost Republicans elections.

Despite the criticism, Cheney remains committed to her anti-Trump mission. She has been trending on Twitter in response to the ad and may even run for president herself, something she teased after losing her primary last August. However, with Trump leading the polls in the Republican primary, Cheney’s chances of success remain slim.

Liz Cheney’s Great Task PAC ad will have no bearing on President Trump because it seems he’s under attack from all angles from a bunch of nobody trying to either raise money or become famous. As the 2024 presidential election approaches, it remains to be seen whether Cheney’s efforts will pay off or will Trump continue to dominate the Republican Party. If Chenez truly wants a piece of Trump, she might as well join the presidential fight for 2024 so she may continue to embarrass herself.

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