The Real Jan 6 Story: Unmasking DOJ’s Unlawful Tactics

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An explosive revelation has rocked our nation today. Carol Stewart, an attorney fearlessly defending J6 defendants, has unveiled the shocking misuse of power by the DOJ. Is it a smear campaign against innocent Americans or a justifiable crackdown on domestic terrorism? Stewart condemns the DOJ’s actions, accusing them of twisting the law to fit a fabricated narrative. This startling disclosure puts our democracy under the microscope, prompting us to question the integrity of our justice system.

Carol Stewart has been relentless in her quest for justice, calling out the DOJ’s misinterpretation of U.S. criminal codes 1752, 231, and 1512. These codes pertain to restricted buildings or grounds, civil disorders, and tampering with a witness or informant, respectively. She firmly believes that these laws are being misconstrued to incriminateAmericans who protested at the Capitol as accomplices in an insurrection plot.

One defendant Stewart represents, Eric Christie, is charged under statute 1752, a misdemeanor for entering restricted grounds without authorization. The accusation also claims he brandished a “dangerous weapon” – a hammer on his construction worker costume’s tool belt. But Stewart assures us Christie did nothing more than exercise his First Amendment rights peacefully, neither participating in nor witnessing any violence.

Adding to Christie’s unfortunate tale is the dramatic raid on his home nearly two years post-protest. Stewart portrays an excessive show of force, with a SWAT team descending on his apartment, shutting off his utilities, and deploying a drone. With no immediate search warrant presented, Christie was left in the dark, fearing for his life.

The spectacle didn’t end there. Stewart says the FBI created an unwarranted panic by having the California Highway Patrol pull Christie over on a pretext just days before his arrest. The incident was traumatizing for Christie, who was threatened with having his car window broken if he didn’t comply.

The attorney raises further troubling questions about the FBI’s behavior, suggesting that they may have illegally entered Christie’s residence in the months leading to his arrest. Stewart presents a damning picture, accusing the FBI of using methods typically reserved for capturing or killing terrorists, not arresting U.S. citizens.

Drawing on her extensive experience in counterterrorism and counterinsurgency, Stewart likens the tactics used against Christie and other J6 defendants to military operations. “This is how the military in Iraq organized for urban warfare to clear houses,” she notes, signaling a chilling parallel.

Stewart’s exposé has shed light on alarming issues within our justice system. The question now is whether House Republicans will heed her call and investigate the DOJ’s handling of the J6 prosecutions.

In this battle for justice, it’s imperative that we hold our institutions accountable. The allegations presented by attorney Carol Stewart paint a disturbing picture of the DOJ’s conduct in prosecuting J6 defendants. The American people deserve transparency and fairness from their justice system. We must question, scrutinize, and demand change where necessary. This report is a call to awaken – to not accept the mainstream narrative blindly, but to seek the truth. If the allegations hold, it’s not just about the defendants; it’s about the future of our democracy. Let us stay vigilant and committed to the pursuit of justice.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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