Texas Border in Chaos: Abbott Calls for States to Deploy Troops Now!

As the Texas border crisis intensifies, Governor Greg Abbott is taking matters into his own hands, mobilizing resources to protect the state's border with Mexico.
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In a dire attempt to address the escalating chaos at the Texas-Mexico border, Governor Greg Abbott has issued a heartfelt plea to governors nationwide, urging them to stand with Texas in combating the ongoing border crisis. With Title 42 now a thing of the past, Abbott demands immediate assistance to protect American citizens from the onslaught of illegal immigration and drug trafficking. This urgent call echoes the concerns of millions of Americans, as the Biden administration’s failed policies continue to endanger our national security. Stay tuned as we unravel the magnitude of the crisis and delve into the implications for our country’s safety and prosperity.

As the Texas border crisis intensifies, Governor Greg Abbott is taking matters into his own hands, mobilizing resources to protect the state’s border with Mexico. With the end of Title 42, a critical tool that allowed for the swift expulsion of illegal immigrants during the pandemic, Texas faces an unprecedented influx of individuals crossing the border unlawfully.

Governor Abbott’s letters to governors nationwide highlight the urgent need for a unified response. He emphasizes that the burden of the border crisis should not rest solely on Texas’ shoulders but should be shared among all states. Under the Emergency Management Assistance Compact, states have the authority to provide financial support and personnel to address emergencies in other states. Abbott argues that the border crisis qualifies as an emergency, warranting immediate assistance from fellow governors.

The staggering statistics paint a grim picture of the situation. From February 2021 to March of this year, Border Patrol encountered a shocking 4.6 million illegal immigrants along the southern border. Of these encounters, over 3 million occurred in Texas-based Border Patrol sectors, including the New Mexico border. The strain on resources, manpower, and infrastructure is overwhelming.

To tackle the crisis head-on, Governor Abbott launched Operation Lone Star, deploying over 10,000 Department of Public Safety officers and National Guard soldiers along the 1,250-mile Texas-Mexico border. This strategic move aimed to bolster Border Patrol efforts, allowing them to focus on processing the increasing number of individuals in custody.

However, the financial implications cannot be ignored. Texas has already spent a staggering $4.5 billion on border security operations since 2021, and the state legislature is now considering an additional $4.6 billion for the next two years. Abbott’s call for assistance from other states highlights the need for a collective response to alleviate the financial burden on Texas taxpayers.

Florida and Idaho have already answered Abbott’s call, dispatching their military and law enforcement personnel to support Texas at the border. This display of interstate cooperation sends a strong message that protecting our borders should be a shared responsibility.

The Texas border crisis demands immediate attention and a unified response. Governor Greg Abbott’s impassioned plea to governors across the nation seeks to address the failures of the Biden administration in securing our borders. With millions of illegal immigrants crossing into the United States and drug trafficking on the rise, the stakes are high. We must stand together to protect our national security and preserve our sovereignty. As the situation unfolds, we will continue to provide updates on this critical issue. Stay vigilant, stay informed, and tap subscribe below to ensure you don’t miss any breaking news. Together, we can secure our borders and safeguard our nation.

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