ABC Joins Reality As Major Retailers Suffer Massive Losses

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While the rest of the world has suffered from the consequences of a certain administration’s policies for almost three years now. The liberal media has been living in Lala land ignoring or worse yet refusing to acknowledge reality. Well, ABC hosts were recently shocked by old news.

After many in the public have been exposed to terrible experiences happening in their communities on a consistent basis, it’s always interesting to see the liberal media unexpectedly arriving on the scene.

ABC’s Good Morning America’s chief business correspondent Rebecca Jarvis and the rest of the cast seemed dumbfounded to report that national brands are indeed shutting their stores down across the country because of out-of-control shoplifting and theft.

With a sense of surprise in her voice, Robin Roberts announced about the disturbing crime.

Yes, ladies, Grocery stores have been warning that changes could be coming to the shopping experience in response to shoplifting and thefts. This could include limiting self-checkout and limiting entrance/exit ways. They say it’s for the safety of staff and the customers.

During the segment’s conclusion, Jarvis had the nerve to explain why shoplifting was bad, saying “And guys, remember. When these things happen, when shoplifting happens, it ultimately costs every customer more because the stores account for it in their prices and they pass it off in many ways to the consumer.”

Which prompted the rest of the cast to agree with her as though they just delivered some breaking news to us.

The liberal media’s belated acknowledgment of the shoplifting crisis is a stark reminder of their detachment from reality. Major brands, such as Target, have fallen victim to this epidemic, losing hundreds of millions of dollars and forcing store closures across the country. Organized retail crime is thriving, posing a growing threat that must not be ignored. The more those karens at ABC and across all liberal media continue to cover for the criminal administration at the White House for their policy promotion of this type of behavior, the more WE, normal folk, all suffer in the consequences in the real world.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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