Dept. Denies: Biden Fumbles Critical China Diplomatic Negotiations

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Welcome to REAL News! Today, a bewildering Biden blunder exposes a biting conflict between the President and his own State Department. But before we unpack the story, hit subscribe and tap that bell!

In an astonishing revelation during a recent G-7 press conference, President Joe Biden claimed that lifting sanctions on Gen. Li Shangfu, the Chinese Communist Party’s Defense Minister, was “under negotiation.” However, the State Department’s spokesperson, Matt Miller, quickly threw cold water on Biden’s heated assertion, insisting that no such negotiations were taking place.

Attending his inaugural press briefing, Miller declared, “No, we are not … I’ll leave it at that,” hinting at a significant discrepancy in the White House’s stance on China sanctions. But the intrigue didn’t end there. When a reporter highlighted Biden’s remarks, Miller reassured that the president’s view was misleading, adding, “Very much not so. He also made clear that we are not planning to lift any sanctions on him, or on China more broadly.”

The sudden nature of this revelation has left many questioning the inner workings of the White House in handling delicate and important matters, such as diplomatic relationships. Are the people inside working in sync and on the same page, or is there a major disconnect that risks national and global security?

Gen. Li Shangfu has held high-ranking military positions since joining the Chinese Communist Party, rising notably as an aerospace engineer and general. His 2018 sanctioning by the Trump administration during his tenure as Director of the People’s Liberation Army’s Equipment Development Department of the Central Military Commission revolved around “significant transactions” with other sanctioned persons. Specifically, these included China’s purchases of Su-35 fighter jets and S-400 surface-to-air missiles from Russia. These purchases are considered major factors in the escalating tensions between the two superpowers.

Since assuming the role of Defense Minister in March, Li has retained the ability to meet with American counterparts, even without a waiver for the aforementioned sanctions. This developing story begs the question – is Biden merely misguided or deliberately attempting to insulate himself from criticism on China policy?

It is essential for the White House to offer explanations of their conflicting stances on such a sensitive topic. The lack of clarity may lead to distrust among allies and the erosion of diplomatic credibility. As a reminder: The United States’ diplomatic strategy depends heavily on a strong, united front. Biden’s shocking statements, however, threaten to undermine our credibility on the global stage. 

In closing, we cannot ignore the unsettling pattern emerging from Biden’s administration – a clear inability to tackle international relations with coherence and precision. This latest blunder, concerning China, contributes to a growing list of concerns, further compromising our nation’s standing on the global stage. Furthermore, Biden’s shortcomings are not limited to foreign policy – his administration faces a series of domestic crises, from skyrocketing inflation to economic turmoil and misguided domestic policy decisions. With such a seemingly tumultuous presidency, how can Americans trust him to lead with conviction and competence; the answer is self-evident.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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