Biden administration leaves US-Mexico border vulnerable to child trafficking!

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The left loves to blame Trump for everything when he was the first president in modern history to do more to protect our border. The Biden administration is scrapping another Trump policy that kept children at the border safe. 

The decision to end familial DNA testing, a critical tool in combating illegal immigration, has raised serious concerns among border security experts. Implemented during the Trump era, this testing was instrumental in preventing fraudulent entries and exposing child trafficking networks.

According to a leaked CBP memo obtained by Just The News, the familial DNA testing program will conclude on May 31, 2023, when the vendor contract with BODE Technologies expires. This abrupt termination leaves border agents without an essential tool to verify the legitimacy of family units crossing the border.

Over the years, CBP has identified numerous instances of family fraud attempts by illegal immigrants. A government accountability office report in 2022 revealed that up to 10% of children tested were not related to the adults claiming to be their family members. This alarming statistic points to a significant vulnerability in our immigration system that could potentially endanger the lives of innocent children.

Moreover, other reports have found that approximately 30% of suspected migrant fraud families shared no familial relation at all. This highlights the extent to which cartels and human traffickers have exploited our immigration policies, using children as pawns to evade detection and gain illegal entry into the United States.

The decision to end familial DNA testing not only disregards the safety and well-being of vulnerable children but also undermines the efforts of dedicated border agents who work tirelessly to protect our borders. By eliminating this vital tool, the Biden administration is sending a message of weakness and inviting further abuse of our immigration system.

It is imperative that the Biden administration recognizes the gravity of this situation and takes immediate action to rectify this reckless decision. Our border security cannot afford to be compromised further. The safety of our citizens and the integrity of our immigration system hang in the balance. This move only rewards the cartel, harming everyone else in the process.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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