Grave Concerns: President Biden’s Low Approval Rating Paints a Bleak Picture of America’s Future

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Just when you thought Biden’s leadership was improving, a shocking poll reveals the truth about his job performance thus far in his presidency. Less than a THIRD of Americans approve of his handling of crucial issues concerning the nation. The President is floundering on multiple fronts – economy, gun policy and immigration – while desperately trying to launch his re-election campaign and holding onto power. It’s truly a crisis in the Oval office and the collapse threatens to shake the foundation of America itself.

Only a third of Americans approve of his handling of the economy as President Joe Biden gears up for his 2024 run while his Republican replacements enter a critical period. His ratings on the economy come after Biden has repeatedly praised the nation’s 3.4% unemployment rate, the lowest in decades, and a few months of consecutive drops in key inflation indicators. But the AP-NORC poll discloses, that many Americans don’t want either Biden or Trump to run again, while sharing persistent concerns about the president’s age. 

It’s worth noting that besides his economic performance, Biden is also encountering significant roadblocks on the policy front. The President’s approval ratings are tumbling on other crucial issues, following a trip to Japan where he fell repeatedly while visiting a shrine, and appeared confused and lost.

On gun policy, when mass shootings remain a constant threat, Biden gets only 31% approval with 67% disapproval. Biden has renewed his calls for an assault weapons ban and other measures, without any signs of new action in Congress. His prior efforts to improve gun security went without much lasting effect.

Biden fares just as poorly on immigration, trailing behind as the authority on Title 42 and experiencing apprehensions at the border of up to 10,000 per day earlier this month. On this issue, Republican governors in border states are shipping migrants by bus to liberal and northern cities, leading to some notable criticism from New York City Mayor Eric Adams, a fellow Democrat.

Biden’s woes on the economy come as he conducts high-stakes negotiations with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. House Republicans are seeking spending cuts in return for raising the debt ceiling; it’s worth noting that if not agreed on, the US might fall into a recession’ and if the GOP can get their way on spending cut demands, it could badly blunder Biden’s policy agenda .

Biden’s support is far from absolute within his party; half of Democrats surveyed approve of his handling of gun and immigration policies, which highlights the extent of the President’s declining popularity.

Joe Biden’s approval stands at just 40%. The new poll reinforces the perception that America put the wrong guy in the Oval Office, with concerns about his age persisting. Biden’s disapproval ratings are high on everything from the economy and coronavirus to guns and immigration policy. The American citizenry is disenchanted and disillusioned with Biden’s leadership, and this wave seems ready to carry over into the midterm elections. 

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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