Democrat Leaders Call on Biden to Give Work Authorization to Migrants

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In a shocking joint press conference, Democrat leaders Hochul and Adams held nothing back as they pointed fingers for the immigration chaos engulfing the nation. The dua went on to accuse people of intentionally creating dysfunction, but who they accused will leave dying with laughter. 

Democrat leaders Hochul and Adams stood united in their call for swift action on the immigration crisis that they claim Republicans have intentionally exacerbated. The joint press conference saw the two prominent figures urging the Biden administration to bypass a “Republican-controlled Congress” and take executive action to expedite work authorization for migrants. Hochul emphasized the urgent need to allow the newest Americans to contribute to the tax system, enabling the state to provide better services to its nearly 20 million residents. Adams highlighted the dangers of an underground market where exploited individuals cannot pay into the tax base and are forced into hazardous jobs.

You thought that was bad, Governor Hochul had the audacity to demand they be given more help than actual border states. TAKE A LOOK>>>

The leaders also pressed the White House to re-designate and extend temporary protective status, expanding access to asylum seekers from 16 countries. They called for an increase in the number of immigration office personnel to process asylum claims and the extension of humanitarian parole for those already in the United States. Hochul cited the thousands of job openings in industries such as farming, food service, and janitorial work that migrants could fill, addressing labor shortages across the state.

New York City, in particular, has seen a surge in migrant arrivals, with over 5,800 migrants arriving just last week, according to Adams. While the federal omnibus bill allocated $800 million to address the crisis, the mayor expressed disappointment that only $30 million was designated for New York City.

In the face of a mounting immigration crisis, Democrat leaders Hochul and Adams have unapologetically called out Republicans for obstructing progress. They argue that bypassing Congress and taking executive action is necessary to expedite work authorization for migrants and protect their rights. This should be illegal to even suggest but it’s democrats demanding such a thing, if the demand can from the opposite side all hell would break loose.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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