WATCH: Combat Veteran Puts MSNBC Guest to SHAME over Florida Travel Warning Praise

A Democratic strategist has claimed that Florida is "about to be a terrorist state" for black Americans and the LGBTQ community.
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In the latest example of liberal hysteria, a Democratic strategist has claimed that Florida is “about to be a terrorist state” for black Americans and the LGBTQ community. This outlandish comment came in response to a travel warning from the NAACP that labeled the state “hostile” to these groups. But Congressman Mike Waltz, a combat veteran and Green Beret, was having none of it, calling the statement “legitimately insane.” It’s just another example of the left’s desperate attempts to stoke fear and division in an effort to win votes. Let’s dive in.

The absurdity of left-wing propaganda was on full display when Democratic strategist Aisha Mills claimed that Florida was on the verge of becoming a terrorist state for African Americans and the LGBTQ community. Mills was referring to a travel warning issued by the NAACP which labeled Florida as “hostile” towards these communities.

Radio host Clay Travis shared a video of Mills’ appearance, noting that “these people are legit insane,” to which Congressman Mike Waltz, a Green Beret and veteran who has fought against real terrorists, called out her “insanity” and point out the absurdity of these allegations.

Waltz tweeted, “Clay Travis is 100% correct. As a combat veteran, I’ve been shot at by actual terrorists in war torn countries. These people are legitimately insane.”

The NAACP’s travel warning is nothing more than a political ploy to scare people from traveling to Florida, a state that is open and welcoming to everyone. The warning claims that Florida is “openly hostile” towards African Americans, people of color, and the LGBTQ community – but where is the evidence to support these wild assertions? It’s nothing more than fear-mongering in an attempt to gain political power.

What’s more, the NAACP’s own chairman, Leon Russell, calls Florida home. If the state were truly as hostile as the NAACP claims, why would their chairman choose to live there? It’s clear that this travel warning is nothing more than a politically motivated stunt

In reality, Florida is a state that is open for business and for everyone. And this latest outrage from the left is just a pathetic attempt to stoke division and anger among voters. The fact is that Congressman Waltz is right: the idea that Florida is a “terrorist state” is completely insane. The state is home to millions of people from all backgrounds who live and work together in peace and harmony. And while we may disagree on some issues, we are all united in our commitment to making Florida a better place for everyone. So let’s put this nonsense behind us and focus on what really matters: creating jobs, supporting businesses, and improving our communities for all.

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