Governor Panics as Republicans Push to Reform NC Public Education!

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Families deserve a say in how their children are educated, but the North Carolina governor thinks he knows better. Governor Roy Cooper declared a ‘State of Emergency’ to fight against school choice proposals. So as Republican-led legislation pushes to expand school choice, the Governor panics, and instead uses the weight of his office to limit families’ freedom. Democrats just love centralizing power and suffocating the voice of the people, but Republicans believe in individual freedom and putting families first.

The latest flashpoint in the education battle in North Carolina is over the upcoming Republican-led education reform bill. One measure in the bill includes expanding the private school voucher program by $400 million, allowing parents greater control over their child’s education. This program would let parents send their children to the schools that fit them best.

Most states have similar voucher programs, and the advocates of such programs. Private schools are often more efficient and innovative, they tend to offer better student-teacher ratios, and parents prefer them to public schools. Republican lawmakers understand that, and they put the individual and parental freedoms first.

Nevertheless, in response to this, Governor Cooper declared a state of emergency, claiming that the Republican measure was suffocating public education. He states in a video that he felt he needed to declare a “State of Emergency” because, “if you care about public schools in North Carolina, it’s time to take immediate action and tell them to stop the damage, which will set back our schools for a generation.” 

The GOP-led government, however, has responded by calling Cooper out. They accuse Democrats of not wanting to give the power back to the people. Democrats would instead centralize the power in their hands. Democrat policies have not improved education quality; things are getting worse under their hands. Republican lawmakers believe that with more choices and less government interference, families could find better schools that appropriately meet their needs.

Governor Cooper’s declaration of a “State of Emergency” drew criticism on Twitter for being useless and just a political stunt. Many argue it’s out of his jurisdiction to throw down that gauntlet against the Republican-led legislative proposals. Is this just a show of power by a Democrat governor who recognizes his party is losing control over the people and their children’s education?

Republicans argue that the Governor’s opposition to school choice isn’t new. Cooper attempted to end the state’s opportunity scholarship program earlier this year, which provides voucher programs for lower and middle-income students. Critics accused him of hypocrisy since he sent his daughter to an expensive private school in Raleigh. It’s another normal element of politics – “do what I say, not what I do.”

Governor Cooper may have declared a “State of Emergency,” but the emergency lies in his own lack of leadership. North Carolina needs more education choices, not less. Through expanding voucher programs, parents could better tailor their children’s education as seen fit. The Governor’s opposition to school choice appears mainly to protect the failing public education system. Cooper even went so far as to end the Opportunity Scholarship Program, suggesting he has no interest in making education better. Republicans stand with the people, not teachers unions or government officials who will block their own children from an education they believe is suitable. It’s time to embrace freedom of choice, support school choice, and put our children’s needs first.

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