Hosts of “The View” Ridicule Clarence Thomas and Tim Scott on National TV!

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In a stunning display of bigotry and arrogance, Joy Behar of ABC’s “The View” launched a vitriolic attack on two highly respected black conservatives, Justice Clarence Thomas and Senator Tim Scott. These remarks not only reveal The View’s true agenda but shows the true colors of Joy Behar.

The shocking incident occurred during ABC’s midday broadcast of “The View” when Joy Behar, a white host, arrogantly decided to “whitesplain” racism to Justice Clarence Thomas and Senator Tim Scott. Behar belittled their experiences and undermined their understanding of systemic racism faced by African Americans. Her condescending remarks highlighted her ignorance and demonstrated the left’s refusal to acknowledge diverse conservative viewpoints.

This was not the first time Behar attacked Thomas and Scott. Co-host Sunny Hostin, who is biracial, joined Behar in this racially charged tirade, while the audience shamelessly laughed. Their behavior showcased the toxic environment prevalent on the show, where conservative perspectives are constantly undermined and ridiculed.

WATCH as she attempts to “explain” what it’s like to be black in America

It is crucial to note that even Whoopi Goldberg, another co-host on “The View,” has made derogatory comments targeting Thomas and Scott. Goldberg’s suggestions that interracial marriages could be at risk after the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision only added to the insensitivity displayed by the show’s hosts. By devaluing and mocking black conservatives, Goldberg perpetuates the divisive narrative that only liberal ideologies can represent minorities.

The timing of these attacks is particularly alarming, as Senator Tim Scott had just announced his 2024 presidential campaign. Instead of embracing the diversity and achievements of black conservatives, Behar and her fellow co-hosts chose to denigrate and dismiss their contributions to the nation.

The incident serves as a reminder that the liberal media often fails to provide fair representation to conservative voices. Behar’s offensive comments highlight the inherent bias and intolerance that pervades mainstream media outlets. It is essential to hold these networks accountable for their blatant disregard of conservative viewpoints, especially those of black Americans who dare to challenge the liberal narrative.

Behar’s racist remarks on “The View” exposed the toxic environment prevalent in the liberal media. By arrogantly dismissing the experiences of black conservatives like Clarence Thomas and Tim Scott, simply because they refuse to live in their America is a racist nation agenda. Behar ought to start identifying as a black woman of color since she is so educated on the lifestyle.

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Gary Franchi

Gary Franchi

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