Shocking Video: Lululemon Fires Brave Employees for Doing the Right Thing During Looting!

Shocking Video: Lululemon Fires Brave Employees for Doing the Right Thing During Looting!
Shocking Video: Lululemon Fires Brave Employees for Doing the Right Thing During Looting!
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Lululemon employees in metro Atlanta are now claiming that they were fired from their jobs after calling the police to report a group of violent robbers ransacking their store. According to a female employee who spoke up after the incident, the robbers had been targeting the store for weeks on end, and the employees were left helpless to stand by and watch as merchandise was being regularly stolen. So, after several unsuccessful attempts to file reports to their higher-ups concerning the thefts, the workers made the bold decision to call the police and report the violent looters. And this decision has led to their termination.

What is most outrageous, however, is that the employees claim they were fired for “violating company policy” of interference in a break-in. But what else were they supposed to do? Sit back, watch their store be ransacked, and remain silent? The two workers were able to capture the robbery on camera, and they made the brave decision to contact authorities, knowing full well that their company policy forbade having anything to do with reporting or stopping a burglary.

What is worse? Their company, Lululemon, enforced a “zero-tolerance” policy, which ensured that anyone who acted outside company guidelines would be fired without warning. To add fuel to the fire, their state, Georgia, is an at-will employment state, which means employers have the right to terminate their workers without giving them any notice or reason—although that does not make it morally correct or ethical.

As the pandemic has created another level of uncertainty in everyday life, companies like Lululemon have had to grapple with the added consequence of an increasingly volatile and traumatized society igniting looting and robbery cases. However, punishing law-abiding employees who take a stand against criminal activities is not a wise or legal solution. How can they call this a “zero-tolerance” policy when employees are forced into inaction, even while they watch the store they work to protect be looted and vandalized?

The employees in question are speaking out, and their story is going viral, as it should be. However, it is astonishing that such large networks have either failed to report the event or have done little to bring these workers justice. Lululemon’s indifferent decision sets a frightening precedent for workers, adding yet another blow to an already challenging workforce situation. A company should not choose its own policies over the safety and security of its employees. One has to ask, what is more important: adherence to company guidelines or to the safety and ethical practices towards their workers?

In conclusion, it appears that Lululemon has decided to support the very looters who have threatened their store while forsaking their most valuable assets—their employees. The company must face the consequences of their decision, and even more important, they must be held accountable for the weight of these workers’ lost jobs and security. The public has a right to know this story, and the latest updates should be broadcast far and wide, ensuring that it becomes much less common for corporations to place their workers at risk.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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