You Won’t Believe Why Feinstein Was Shocked to See Kamala Harris in the Senate!

You Won't Believe Why Feinstein Was Shocked to See Kamala Harris in the Senate!
You Won't Believe Why Feinstein Was Shocked to See Kamala Harris in the Senate!
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**A New York Times report exposes Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s cognitive issues, raising concerns over her ability to effectively serve her constituents and leading to calls for her resignation.**

A recent report in the New York Times unveils the extent of Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s (D-Calif.) cognitive limitations, fuelling outrage over her decision to remain in the Senate. The 89-year-old senator apparently expressed confusion when witnessing Vice President Kamala Harris presiding over the Senate, an official function of her role. This incident occurred last year during one of the rare instances when Harris exercised her power to break a tie vote between Republicans and Democrats.

Feinstein’s critics argue that her reluctance to retire has hindered President Biden’s efforts to fill judicial vacancies with left-leaning judges. Although she announced in February her decision to not seek another term, she has expressed her intentions to complete her current term. Her cognitive struggles and recent hospital stay due to severe shingles further demonstrate the concerning possibility that Feinstein is unfit for office.

Despite spending time away from Congress during her health issue, Feinstein attempted to claim she hadn’t been absent. In a disconcerting conversation with reporters, she denied needing time away, insisting she had continued to work and vote. This exchange is just one example of her struggling cognitive abilities.

A recent poll revealed that 67% of Californians believe that Feinstein’s illness and cognitive limitations render her unfit to continue serving, while only 20% disagree. Furthermore, 42% of respondents said she should resign, while only 27% think she should finish her term. These alarming numbers reflect the growing public concern over Feinstein’s ability to represent her constituents effectively and fulfill her role as a senator.

**In light of the New York Times report and recent poll, calls for Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s resignation are intensifying, signaling that Californians may be losing faith in her ability to effectively serve her office.**


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