Dems in Disarray Over Potential ‘No Labels’ Third Party Contender in 2024 – Fear It May Secure Trump’s Victory

Dems in Disarray Over Potential 'No Labels' Third Party Contender in 2024 - Fear It May Secure Trump's Victory
Dems in Disarray Over Potential 'No Labels' Third Party Contender in 2024 - Fear It May Secure Trump's Victory
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**Democrats in Panic as No Labels Group Eyes Bipartisan Ticket in 2024**

The fear of third-party candidates grows among Democrats as the centrist political group, No Labels, plans to run a bipartisan ticket for the 2024 elections. Democrats believe that this move might jeopardize Biden’s chances and hand over the victory to Trump, despite their ongoing claims about the importance of democracy.

In the 2016 elections, 6% of all voters cast their ballots for third-party and write-in candidates, with Libertarian Gary Johnson and Green Party nominee Jill Stein making a considerable impact. This created a shift in the threshold of votes needed for a major candidate to win critical battleground states. However, in the 2020 elections, the share of the third-party vote fell to 2%, which Democrats claim made it more challenging for Trump to win.

As a result, Democrats are now striving to maintain the third-party vote share as low as possible to avoid a potential rematch between Biden and Trump. In 2024, they are working strategically to prevent the well-funded third-party group No Labels from appearing on the ballot in battleground states. This has left many wondering if Democrats are genuinely committed to democracy or simply trying to manipulate the outcome in their favor.

Critics argue that No Labels is not a centrist or nonpartisan organization, with some like Rep. Ted Lieu and Rep. Abigail Spanberger accusing the group of being a Republican organization focused on attacking Democrats and reinstating Trump as President.

On the other hand, No Labels appears to have liberal connections. Their slogan, ‘Together We Can,’ originated from former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick’s campaign before being slightly altered to ‘Yes We Can’ for Obama’s 2008 campaign, which was managed by David Axelrod, a former member of Deval Patrick’s staff.

**Democrats Fear Third-Party Candidate as They Attempt to Secure 2024 Election for Biden**

The rising anxiety among Democrats surrounding the possible third-party candidacy of No Labels in the 2024 elections showcases the challenges they face in securing the victory for Biden. Will they uphold democratic values or resort to strategic tactics to maintain their grip on power? The upcoming elections will reveal the true state of “our democracy.”


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