MLB Star’s Shocking Apology After Urging Massive Boycott of Target and Bud Light – Find Out Why!

MLB Star's Shocking Apology After Urging Massive Boycott of Target and Bud Light – Find Out Why!
MLB Star's Shocking Apology After Urging Massive Boycott of Target and Bud Light – Find Out Why!
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**Toronto Blue Jays player faces backlash for sharing content advocating Christian boycotts of pro-LGBT companies**

Toronto Blue Jays baseball player Anthony Bass recently came under fire for sharing a post urging Christians to boycott pro-LGBTQ businesses like Target and Bud Light. The backlash prompted an apology from Bass, who now seeks education on the LGBTQ community. Despite this incident, the Blue Jays team remains committed to celebrating LGBTQ Pride Month.

In response to the criticism, Bass issued a sincere apology for the hurt he caused within the “pride community,” admitting that he has friends and relatives who identify as LGBTQ. He informed the public that he extended his apologies to his teammates as well and is working on utilizing the Blue Jays’ resources to expand his understanding of the LGBTQ+ community.

The controversial post that Bass shared came from Ryan Miller, who argued that Christians should boycott businesses supporting the LGBTQ community, specifically naming Target and Bud Light. Bud Light faced considerable backlash after featuring transgender figure Dylan Mulvaney in an advertisement. Meanwhile, Target has received criticism for selling products promoting LGBTQ pride, including for children. In a recent incident, the company found itself linked to a brand called Abprallen, which sells products featuring the message “Satan respects pronouns.” While Target did not sell these particular items, they have since removed Abprallen’s products from their website.

The Blue Jays organization has remained firm in its support of LGBTQ rights, even dedicating a special fourth annual Pride Weekend event in June. A statement from the team emphasized that “individual player sentiments are not representative of the club’s beliefs.” Bass’s Instagram profile reflects his religious convictions, including the phrases “Love God” and a biblical reference to Mark 10:27.

Despite Bass’s apology, some conservative commentators have lambasted him for backing down. Dan Bongino labeled the apology “pathetic,” while Matt Walsh accused him of being a “coward.”

**Despite the controversial post, the Blue Jays continue to support the LGBTQ community and celebrate Pride Month**

Overall, Anthony Bass’s actions sparked a heated debate regarding the intersection of religion and LGBTQ rights. Although some conservative voices denounced Bass’s apology, the Blue Jays and many others lauded his sincerity and ongoing efforts to educate himself on LGBTQ issues. The team remains dedicated to celebrating Pride Month and fostering an inclusive environment for all.


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