Chicago City Council Endorses $51 Million Aid Package for Undocumented Immigrants

Chicago City Council Endorses $51 Million Aid Package for Undocumented Immigrants
Chicago City Council Endorses $51 Million Aid Package for Undocumented Immigrants
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**Chicago City Council approves $51 million for illegals amidst rampant crime and a broken border policy**

In a city crippled by crime and violence, the Chicago City Council has decided to allocate more resources to address the escalating crisis of illegal immigration. The Council approved $51 million in aid for illegals on Wednesday in a contentious vote that highlighted the ongoing struggle between those seeking to use limited funds for the needs of Chicago’s citizens.

As crime and violence continue to plague Chicago, some believe this money should have been prioritized to address the underlying issues affecting the city’s residents. Alderman David Moore of the 17th Ward, an underserved, predominantly African-American neighborhood, argued that the funds could have been better spent on Chicago’s residents instead of illegal immigrants.

The city is already facing a severe shortage of funding and space to handle the influx of approximately 10,000 asylum-seekers arriving since last August. Current accommodations for over 4,400 individuals, which include temporary city-run shelters and repurposed hotels and park facilities, are straining under the weight of demand. Now, an additional 610 people are awaiting housing in the lobbies of police stations, according to a city spokesman.

This $51 million aid package, which comes from a 2021 budget surplus, is designated for “unanticipated emergencies.” However, it is only a temporary measure; city officials have warned that these funds will run out by the end of June. Despite requesting tens of millions in state and federal funding, the city has only received a small fraction of what is needed.

Alderman Gilbert Villegas of the 36th Ward acknowledges that this issue isn’t going away anytime soon, remarking, “We’re going to continue to have these discussions because these buses ain’t stopping.” He refers to the buses of asylum-seekers Texas Governor Greg Abbott has sent to the city. Additionally, last week’s Illinois state budget included $42.5 million earmarked for illegals to provide shelter, legal representation, and translation services, which has yet to be signed by Governor JB Pritzker.

**Chicago’s decision to fund illegals over citizens fuels debate on prioritizing resources amid a growing crisis**


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