Forbidden Moniker: FOX News Staff Prohibited from Uttering Tucker on Air – Exclusive VIDEO

Forbidden Moniker: FOX News Staff Prohibited from Uttering Tucker on Air - Exclusive VIDEO
Forbidden Moniker: FOX News Staff Prohibited from Uttering Tucker on Air - Exclusive VIDEO
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A shocking revelation has come to light – FOX News employees are now reportedly banned from uttering the name “Tucker.” This unusual rule change coincidentally coincides with the news that The Gateway Pundit now attracts more daily page views than Fox News primetime shows. This is a clear indication that the conservative media landscape is shifting, leaving FOX scrambling to maintain control.

Real America’s Voice talk show hosts, Ed Henry and Karyn Turk, shared fascinating intel on how FOX News has implemented a peculiar new policy: forbidding their on-air talent from mentioning Tucker Carlson’s name. This rule emerged after Chadwick Moore, a former FOX guest, decided to write a biography on Tucker. Initially, the network appeared willing to support the project, but after Tucker’s termination, they canceled Moore’s appearance and implemented the bizarre ban.

The question remains, is this policy a sign of further anti-conservative actions in the media? Already there have been instances of mainstream outlets abandoning their traditionally conservative base, sparking a rise in alternative news sources. Consequently, publications like The Gateway Pundit, Just The News, and now Real America’s Voice, have seen a substantial increase in popularity.

It is also worth noting that FOX News’ seemingly inexplicable rule change occurred amidst their anti-Trump policies. The network has apparently been doing whatever it takes to distance itself from its former supporters, even if it means turning away from those who once had their back.

At this point, it’s clear that the conservative media landscape is evolving, and not in a way that benefits the monolithic behemoth that is FOX News. As alternative sources of information continue to gain ground, it will be interesting to see how FOX tries to hang on in this rapidly changing environment.

In conclusion, the sudden ban on Tucker Carlson’s name is a clear indication of a significant shift in the conservative media landscape. As FOX News struggles to adapt, it’s more critical than ever for conservative voices to thrive and support alternative sources like The Gateway Pundit. The fight for free speech and true balance in media must continue, and it seems the battle has only just begun.


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