Pentagon Demands Nellis AFB Abolish ‘Family-Friendly’ Drag Show Amid Matt Gaetz’s Intervention

Pentagon Demands Nellis AFB Abolish 'Family-Friendly' Drag Show Amid Matt Gaetz's Intervention
Pentagon Demands Nellis AFB Abolish 'Family-Friendly' Drag Show Amid Matt Gaetz's Intervention
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Bold Introduction:

In a surprising turn of events, the Pentagon has ordered Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada to cancel an upcoming drag show, marking yet another contentious moment in the ongoing debate surrounding taxpayer-funded events on military bases.

Body Section:

After a reported “cry for help” from Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) concerning drag queen story hours and shows taking place on military bases, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley have stepped in. The duo instructed Nellis Air Force Base to cancel their planned drag show, set to take place for the third consecutive year, or move it off-base.

This decision comes two months after the Congressional hearing in which Austin and Milley declared they did not approve of such events taking place on military property. Gaetz has been vocal in his demand for answers on why these drag shows continue to occur, particularly when they are targeting children as their primary audience.

NBC News was the first to break the story, reporting that Pentagon leaders told the Air Force that drag shows do not adhere to Defense Department policy, and that funding should not be granted for them on bases.

This change in policy follows ongoing political controversy over the use of taxpayer money for funding drag events on military facilities. Conservative politicians and commentators argue that such spending is inappropriate, and now it appears that the Pentagon is in agreement.

The Air Force will no longer host drag events at its installations or facilities. As reported by an Air Force official, commanders have been instructed to either cancel or relocate the events to an off-base location. Deputy press secretary Sabrina Singh emphasized that these types of events are not a suitable use of DOD resources, as they do not meet the criteria outlined in the Joint Ethics Regulation (JER).

In response to Milley’s claims of being unaware of the issue, Gaetz shared documentation of previous drag shows taking place on bases. However, despite the cancellation of the drag show, recent reports suggest that Nellis Air Force Base still has LGBTQ+ “Pride” events planned for June, with some directly targeting children as the intended demographic.

Despite these remaining events, Gaetz declared the cancellation a “victory” for taxpayers and the military, emphasizing that drag shows should not be taking place on military installations, especially when using taxpayers’ money.

Bold Conclusion:

The cancellation of the drag show at Nellis Air Force Base marks an important turning point in the debate over taxpayer-funded events on military bases. While this may not be the end of the discussion, it certainly indicates a shift in mindset among key decision-makers within the Pentagon.


Next News Network Team

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