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**Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan faces calls to resign after appearing intoxicated during legislative session — Republicans, such as Chad Prather, criticize his recent decisions and behavior, stating that this performance was the last straw.**

In a shocking display of unprofessionalism, Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan has drawn heavy condemnation for seemingly being intoxicated while executing his ceremonial duties at a recent legislative session. A video circulates on the internet, showing Phelan incapable of enunciating coherent sentences or even pronouncing his fellow lawmakers’ names appropriately.

The incident has outraged numerous conservatives who are now demanding Phelan’s resignation. Among them is Chad Prather, a prominent Republican commentator. Prather expressed his disappointment in Phelan, describing him as a “spineless” politician.

Phelan’s questionable behavior doesn’t end with this recent episode. The House Speaker also attracted substantial criticism for vetoing a recent legislation pushed by Republicans within Texas. This piece of legislation aimed to ensure the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) would be prevented from purchasing land in the state.

However, Phelan’s decision to overrule this legislation led to frustration among conservatives, with Prather going so far as to question his integrity and calling him a vulgar name. Yet, the event involving the seemingly inebriated Phelan was seen as the ultimate breaking point by many, including Prather.

Referring to this incident, Prather gave a candid account by saying that Phelan “was trying to be the speaker of the House during a legislative session in the state of Texas, and he’s hammered.” Prather highlighted how Speaker Phelan couldn’t even remember people’s names, showcasing the severity of the situation.

The commentator didn’t stop there, adding that Phelan’s behavior was reminiscent of that of Nancy Pelosi, the Democrat Speaker of the House of Representatives. This statement alludes to the longstanding conservative criticism of Pelosi’s occasional unbecoming conduct during sessions, signaling that they should expect better from their GOP lawmakers.

This embarrassing episode has raised significant questions about the competency and judgment of Speaker Phelan. As more conservatives express their concerns and demand accountability from their representatives, it remains to be seen whether Phelan’s position as House Speaker will remain tenable in the face of this mounting scandal.

**In the aftermath of Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan’s inebriated appearance during an important legislative session, it’s crucial that Republicans hold their representatives accountable for their actions. Phelan’s recent veto on crucial legislation and this embarrassing incident shed light on his questionable character and leadership, leading to growing calls for his resignation.**


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