Steve Bannon Urges Primary Challenges for Jim Jordan & MTG’s Un-Real MAGA Stance on Uniparty Spending Bill Vote

Steve Bannon Urges Primary Challenges for Jim Jordan & MTG's Un-Real MAGA Stance on Uniparty Spending Bill Vote
Steve Bannon Urges Primary Challenges for Jim Jordan & MTG's Un-Real MAGA Stance on Uniparty Spending Bill Vote
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**House Republicans pass controversial uniparty spending bill, prompting strong reactions from Steve Bannon and conservatives**

In a rare show of unity, House Republicans recently passed a uniparty spending bill alongside Democrats, drawing ire from conservatives and Steve Bannon. With mainstream media cheering the vote, voices like Bannon’s argue that prominent GOP figures have betrayed their base and must face consequences for their actions.

House Republicans, led by GOP representatives Jim Jordan and Marjorie Taylor Greene, joined forces with Democrats to pass the contentious uniparty spending bill on Wednesday night. This marks a significant departure from traditional party lines, as a total of 149 Republicans threw their weight behind the bill, to the dismay of prominent conservative speaker Steve Bannon.

As the bill moves forward to the US Senate, it is expected to garner further support from GOP stalwarts like Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. This show of bipartisan cooperation has been praised by the mainstream media, eliciting concern from conservative observers who see it as a telltale sign of misplaced priorities and even betrayal.

Steve Bannon, a well-known right-wing populist activist, voiced his displeasure over the spending bill’s passage by both Jordan and Greene. The conservative firebrand took to the social media platform GETTR to air his concerns, stating that the two Republicans should face primary challenges from “real MAGA” representatives, given their willingness to work with the Democrats on this issue.

Bannon’s sentiments were echoed by other conservatives, including activist Amy Kremer, who shared her agreement in a tweet, bringing further attention to the potentially divisive nature of the uniparty bill. As the legislation moves through the Senate, it remains to be seen whether prominent conservatives like Bannon will succeed in swaying public opinion against the GOP representatives responsible for its passage.

**In the wake of the uniparty spending bill’s passage, conservatives like Steve Bannon demand accountability from GOP representatives who’ve strayed from their base**

As House Republicans pass a divisive uniparty spending bill in conjunction with Democrats, conservative figures like Steve Bannon call for key GOP representatives to face primary challenges from more loyal, “real MAGA” candidates in response to this perceived betrayal.


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