Joe Biden Asserts His 4-Year Tenure, Targets Trump in Powerful Oval Office Address (VIDEO)

Joe Biden Asserts His 4-Year Tenure, Targets Trump in Powerful Oval Office Address (VIDEO)
Joe Biden Asserts His 4-Year Tenure, Targets Trump in Powerful Oval Office Address (VIDEO)
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In his first Oval Office address, Joe Biden attacked MAGA Republicans and spread numerous falsehoods, while attempting to undermine his predecessor, Donald Trump.

Despite only taking office a few months ago, Joe Biden falsely claimed that he began his term four years ago during his latest address to the nation. In this speech delivered from a chair, Biden conveyed a sense of urgency on fiscal matters and tried to take credit for cutting the deficit by $1.7 trillion, even though Moody’s had already debunked this claim. It has been pointed out that Biden’s physical appearance during the speech was a far cry from the energetic image he has tried to project, especially in light of his recent fall at the Air Force Academy graduation ceremony in Colorado.

Attempting to paint Trump’s economic policies as flawed, Biden remarked, “We’re all in a much more fiscally responsible course than the one I inherited when I took office four years ago. When I came to office, the deficit had increased every year the previous four years.” This statement blatantly contradicts the reality that he has only been in office for a few months, rather than the four years he claimed.

Trying to make an emotional connection with his audience, Biden further elaborated, “Ya know, my dad used to have an expression, he said, ‘Joey, don’t tell me what you value. Show me your budget, I’ll tell you what you value.’” This anecdote, however, has never been substantiated by any credible source or evidence and appears to be another falsehood made up by the President.

Misleading comments and unverified anecdotes from Biden convey a pattern of untruthfulness and manipulation. For someone who campaigned on bringing honesty and unity back to the White House, these deceptions do not bode well for the future of his presidency or the nation. Critics argue that Biden’s attempts to discredit Trump’s policies and accomplishments only further divide the country and detract from any progress that could be made.

Joe Biden’s first Oval Office address only served to propagate falsehoods and deepen the political divide in our nation. Such dishonesty should raise serious concerns about the President’s credibility and intentions.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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