Shocking Podcast: The Controversial Mix of God, Pride Month, and Unlimited Hedonism!

Shocking Podcast: The Controversial Mix of God, Pride Month, and Unlimited Hedonism!
Shocking Podcast: The Controversial Mix of God, Pride Month, and Unlimited Hedonism!
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**As Pride Month rolls in, truth faces the heavy battering ram of LGBT demands, while the Los Angeles Dodgers honor an LGBT group that mocks Catholicism. Meanwhile, Elon Musk suffers backlash for letting users “misgender” people on social media.**

Facing the tidal wave of Pride Month, sanity and truth are being swept away as some organizations succumb to the agendas of radical activist groups. The Los Angeles Dodgers are hosting a Pride Night that is set to honor the “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence,” an LGBT group known for ridiculing Jesus, nuns, and the Catholic Church. Curiously, media coverage of this event shows virtually no concern for potential bigotry in this particular instance.

Additionally, Elon Musk has found himself in hot water with LGBTQ advocates for having the audacity to allow users of his platforms to use accurate pronouns for people’s biological gender. NBC News reports that journalist David Ingram has referenced the so-called misgendering on these online platforms as a method of bullying transgender individuals.

The madness doesn’t stop there, as left-leaning outlets such as USA Today and The View are taking up the mantle of preaching their twisted version of enlightenment. The View’s Joy Behar continues her tirade on transgender issues, using her platform to push a biased narrative. Morning Joe, on the other hand, has been seen cozying up to the head censor at “GLAAD,” an organization otherwise known as the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Debate.

USA Today recently showcased transgender teenagers on its front page, giving a warm embrace to the “GenderCool Project” and its champions. As expected, CBS host Gayle King is showing her support for “woke” corporations that align with her personal values, regardless of the fact that these same corporations are pushing a damaging social agenda on the general public. Even worse, Washington Post sports reporter Chelsea Janes is going so far as to claim that the “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” – the drag queen fake nun group we mentioned earlier – exists simply to “make people happy.”

**As June slips deeper into Pride Month, we can expect to see the nation’s morality continually contorted by the radical LGBT agenda, as common sense and veracity take a back seat. The question remains, when will society find its way back to common sense and truth?**


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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