Biden’s Environmental Plan Falters with White House Nominee Withdrawal!

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The White House withdrew another nomination! Continuing their streak of nominating awful candidates only to end the same way. We have the latest updates on the nominated head of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and Senate Republicans’ concerns over her work and past record. 

In a surprising twist, President Biden withdrew the nomination of Ann Carlson to lead the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The White House provided no explanation for the sudden reversal, leaving many questioning the true motives behind the decision. Senate Republicans on the Senate Commerce Committee had expressed concerns about Carlson’s past career and her work at the NHTSA, particularly her support for fuel economy standards. They alleged that her actions aligned with her long-standing environmentalist agenda, raising doubts about her ability to prioritize traffic safety. Carlson, a law professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, faced mounting criticism, and the withdrawal of her nomination reflects a significant setback for the Biden administration.

Senator Ted Cruz was heavily critical against the nominee, taking to twitter and saying: “Ann Carlson’s repeated calls to raise energy prices have been central to her climate alarmist advocacy, but she’s conveniently left out mention of her financial interest in natural gas well leases. Carlson has signaled that she intends to use her role as administrator of the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration to further her crusade against fossil fuels, but with her investment in the oil and gas business, her attacks on American energy reek of hypocrisy.”

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg defended Carlson’s capabilities and achievements during her time at the NHTSA, citing safety recalls, rule finalizations, and a decline in roadway deaths. However, critics argue that her withdrawal signifies a necessary step to protect the American people from an ideologically driven agenda. The White House’s silence and failure to respond to inquiries only deepen the suspicion surrounding this decision.

The sudden collapse of Carlson’s nomination sheds light on the influence of radical environmentalists within the Biden administration. Critics suggest that Biden’s climate change agenda played a role in her selection and subsequent withdrawal. By appointing someone with a strong environmentalist background, the administration signaled its commitment to advancing policies aimed at combating climate change rather than focusing on the core mission of the NHTSA—ensuring traffic safety.

The withdrawal of Ann Carlson’s nomination as the NHTSA administrator sends a clear message: the Biden administration’s allegiance lies with radical environmentalists, not American drivers’ safety. This only proves how far out of touch this administration is to the American people. They would nominate a dog into a position if that meant they got more power.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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