BLM Founder’s Million-Dollar Scam: Patrisse Cullors Exposed in Shocking Warner Bros. Deal!

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Former Black Lives Matter leader Patrisse Cullors has been “dumped” by Warner Bros. Television Group after failing to produce a single show in a multi-year deal. This latest setback demonstrates a pattern of Cullors failing to deliver on her promises, and the world is taking notice.

Black Lives Matter founder and controversial activist, Patrisse Cullors, was quietly dumped from a multi-year deal with Warner Bros. Television Group. The deal was supposed to feature Cullors developing programming that would include black stories for children’s content and scripted and unscripted series, among other material. However, sources have revealed that not a single show was ever produced throughout the agreement. 

Cullors, who resigned from Black Lives Matter in May 2021 following an exposé by The Post revealing her $3.2 million real estate shopping spree, had pledged to use her new creative role with Warner Bros. to uplift marginalized black voices. However, it seems her promises were nothing more than empty words, and she was more interested in pocketing millions of dollars from the production company.

Furthermore, Cullors’ departure from Warner Bros. was in stark contrast with an interview she gave to The Hollywood Reporter in January of this year. During the interview, she claimed to be working on documentaries about “landback,” reparations, and black social mobility in the US. She also claimed to be working on scripted projects about marijuana, female black leaders, and “the toll” of life “under a system that doesn’t see us, or makes us hyper-visible and also hyper-invisible at the same time.” However, it seems that these projects were only pipe dreams, with no concrete results to show for them.

Commenting on the report, George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley noted how Warner Bros. was eager to “grab its own piece of Cullors” to virtue signal about its anti-racist values. 

Turley tweeted, “A couple years ago, BLM’s Patrisse Cullors cashed in with companies eager to signal their own reformed status. It now appears that BLM is facing bankruptcy and Warner Bros. cut ties with Cullors after the contract produced no — zero — new programming.”

He added, “Cullors once declared that “while the COVID-19 illness is tragic, what’s more tragic is capitalism.” These companies seem to be trying to prove her point. Yet, at least for Cullors, they fulfilled their slogan that this is all “The stuff that dreams are made of.””

Warner Bros.’ association with Cullors has brought nothing but negative publicity to the company, and it is time for them to cut their losses and move on.

This latest development involving Patrisse Cullors only adds to the growing list of controversies surrounding her and the Black Lives Matter organization.  It’s time for the left to face facts: Patrisse Cullors is just another example of the empty, hypocritical nature of modern progressive activism.

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