Urgent: States Unite to Stop Biden’s Insane Immigration Policy! The Battle for America Begins!

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Is America facing an existential threat? Find out how 18 states are pushing back against President Biden’s open border policies, taking him to court over the flood of illegal immigrants pouring into our country. Brace yourself for a shocking revelation that could change the course of our nation forever.

The Biden Administration’s “Circumvention of Lawful Pathways” rule has sparked outrage among Republican attorney generals representing 18 states. They argue that the rule encourages illegal immigration, transforming previously illegal border crossings into so-called “lawful pathways.”

Attorney General Drew Wrigley of North Dakota lambasted the federal government for prioritizing illegal aliens over border security. He condemned the practice of allowing illegal immigrants to use a phone app to schedule their entry, leading to their unchecked dispersal across the nation. This abandonment of oversight endangers American communities and highlights Biden’s failure to enforce our border security laws.

The lawsuit asserts that the new rule rewards illegal aliens with work authorization and immediate access to public benefits, effectively granting them the rights and privileges of U.S. citizens. It also highlights the tremendous financial burden placed on states, which are left to shoulder the costs of the presence of these illegal aliens.

Missouri, Alaska, Arkansas, and 15 other states have voiced their support in holding President Biden accountable for his unconstitutional actions. By taking Biden to court, they aim to force him to fulfill his duty as the nation’s leader and protect the American people.

This legal battle marks a turning point in the fight against Biden’s reckless immigration policies. It is a battle for the soul of our nation, as the very fabric of our society and the principles that uphold it hang in the balance. Will the rule of law prevail, or will the floodgates remain open, jeopardizing the security, economy, and future of America?

In the face of this mounting crisis, 18 states have taken a stand against Biden’s betrayal of our nation’s security and sovereignty. This lawsuit challenges the reckless immigration policies that threaten the American way of life. Stay vigilant and informed as we witness this crucial battle unfold.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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