**Over 20 Trump Secret Service Agents Subpoenaed in Jack Smith’s Investigation**

**Over 20 Trump Secret Service Agents Subpoenaed in Jack Smith's Investigation**
**Over 20 Trump Secret Service Agents Subpoenaed in Jack Smith's Investigation**
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**Secret Service Agents Summoned: More Than 20 Members of Trump’s Detail Subpoenaed in Jack Smith’s Classified Documents Investigation**

In a shocking revelation, over 20 Secret Service agents assigned to former President Donald J. Trump’s security detail have been subpoenaed in Jack Smith’s investigation into Trump’s handling of classified documents at Mar-a-Lago. This new development was leaked to the New York Times, as the agents appeared before the Washington DC grand jury.

Previously unknown to the public, a separate federal grand jury in Florida has recently begun hearing testimony in this case. This Florida grand jury is separate from the Washington grand jury, which has been the center of prosecutors’ activity as they investigate whether Trump mishandled classified documents after leaving office or obstructed efforts to retrieve them.

It’s interesting to note that the Washington grand jury, located in the city’s federal courthouse, might have stopped hearing witness testimony in recent weeks. Yet now, Jack Smith summons witnesses with links to Trump’s classified documents case to testify before the Florida grand jury.

Leaked information to the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg suggests that Jack Smith may be pursuing possible indictments against Mar-a-Lago staffers or Trump aides in Florida. Furthermore, Bloomberg cited the possibility that evidence collected from the grand jury in Florida could be used in the DC case against Trump.

The Justice Department rules generally state that prosecutors can only present a case for indictment to a grand jury in the district where a particular offense took place. However, they can use evidence collected from panels in other areas. As a result, Smith’s office might pursue indictments against certain individuals in Florida and others in Washington.

**Subpoenaed Agents Signal Major Development in the Investigation: Trump’s Secret Service Members Caught in the Crosshairs of Jack Smith’s Probe**


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