**Daring Darien Gap Report: Ben Bergquam Exposes Biden’s Invitation to Danger (Exclusive VIDEO)**

**Daring Darien Gap Report: Ben Bergquam Exposes Biden's Invitation to Danger (Exclusive VIDEO)**
**Daring Darien Gap Report: Ben Bergquam Exposes Biden's Invitation to Danger (Exclusive VIDEO)**
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**Reporter Ben Bergquam exposes the devastating consequences of Biden’s broken border policies in Panama**

Real America’s Voice (RAV) reporter Ben Bergquam ventured to Panama to reveal the shocking results of Joe Biden’s failed border policies and the Democrats’ astonishing negligence in defending our nation. By inviting illegal immigrants, criminals, and dangerous individuals into the country, the current administration has sparked a humanitarian crisis that Democrats seem unfazed by. Garbage and debris clutter the route traveled by vulnerable migrants who are misled about the risks they face, presenting an overlooked environmental issue.

As part of the Law & Border: The Root of the Invasion series, Bergquam engages with those braving the perilous journey to the United States. Tragic accounts emerge about the robbers, rapists, and murderers who capitalize on the growing mass of illegal migrants. Contrary to the assurances of safety they were given by duplicitous guides, these migrants find themselves stripped of their possessions and facing horrific violence.

Bergquam inquires about the potential presence of global organizations like the United Nations warning migrants about the real dangers they face. Shockingly, those he spoke with confirmed that they had received no such information. Rather, they were deceived by treacherous guides who claimed they would be safe.

It is clear that Biden’s monumental failure to address the border crisis has created a humanitarian disaster that Democrats apparently have no interest in addressing. Alongside this, abandoned trash and debris along the migrants’ path create an environmental problem rarely acknowledged by activists.

Watch Bergquam’s impactful episode to better understand the appalling reality these migrants face and the consequences of the current administration’s incompetent border control.

**Bergquam’s revealing journey to Panama sheds light on the heartbreaking reality for migrants and the Democrats’ worrying disregard for the unfolding


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