Target’s Shocking Betrayal: Funding Mount Rushmore Closure?

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Are you ready to unveil a shocking betrayal? Prepare to be astounded as we expose Target’s recent funding of a group calling for the closure of Mount Rushmore. Find out why this decision is stirring up controversy and what it means for the future of this iconic American landmark. Stay tuned for this gripping report!

Target, a prominent retail corporation known for its customer-friendly image, has found itself at the center of a brewing controversy. Recent reports reveal that Target donated funds to the NDN Collective in 2022, a South Dakota-based nonprofit organization. The NDN Collective has openly called for the closure of Mount Rushmore, branding it as an “international symbol of white supremacy.” This stunning revelation has sparked outrage among patriots who cherish Mount Rushmore as a cherished national monument.

The NDN Collective’s president and CEO, Nick Tilsen, has not minced words when expressing his views on Mount Rushmore. In a press release, Tilsen labeled the monument as a “national monument” that upholds and maintains white supremacy on Indigenous lands. The organization argues that dismantling white supremacy requires returning Indigenous lands, including Mount Rushmore, to Indigenous people.

Furthermore, the NDN Collective’s “Landback” campaign has shown solidarity with a controversial mantra: “From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be Free.” This slogan, used by anti-Israeli terrorist organizations, raises concerns about the NDN Collective’s affiliations and motives.

The NDN Collective has also accused the U.S. military of taking land away from communities worldwide, citing the military’s presence on Indigenous land as a tool for dominance. They claim that violence is inherent in maintaining the U.S.’s presence, both domestically and internationally. Additionally, the organization has linked the origins of the U.S. military and police to informal militias that aimed to clear Native Americans and enslave Africans from the land.

The revelation of Target’s donation to the NDN Collective has raised serious questions about the company’s priorities and values. Supporters of Mount Rushmore argue that the monument stands as a testament to American history, showcasing the achievements of great presidents and symbolizing the strength and unity of the nation. They denounce efforts to label it as a symbol of white supremacy and emphasize the need to preserve historical landmarks.

In response to the controversy, Target has yet to issue a statement addressing the matter. However, concerned citizens and patriotic Americans are voicing their discontent with the corporation’s involvement in supporting an organization calling for the closure of Mount Rushmore.

As the nation grapples with the news of Target’s funding of the NDN Collective, questions arise about the values and motivations behind this decision. The debate surrounding Mount Rushmore’s significance intensifies, with passionate defenders asserting its historical and cultural value. Will Target face the consequences of alienating a significant portion of its customer base? Only time will tell. Stay tuned for further updates on this developing story.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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