GOP Congressman Proposes Alternative Approach to Pride Month Celebrations

Rep. Hunt's resolution is a much-needed call to restore American values and promote patriotism in society.
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Rep. Wesley Hunt (R-TX) is taking bold action to combat the radical left’s attack on American values and increase society’s patriotism. He is introducing a resolution on Friday that would designate the month of July as “American Pride Month.” This move aims to celebrate and memorialize the monumental achievements of the United States of America and the countless number of patriots throughout her history which have made this nation the last best hope of earth.

The resolution is a direct response to the leftist agenda of Pride Month. Hunt believes it’s high time that America rediscovers its pride and love for the country, which has been marred by the radical and divisive ideology of the left.

The resolution would increase awareness of America’s greatness and promote patriotism across the nation. It will highlight the bravery and selflessness of the countless Americans who have fought and died to defend the nation’s freedom and democracy.

Hunt’s press office decried the Biden White House, woke corporations, and the media for dedicating an entire month to PRIDE but not to celebrating America’s greatness. But thanks to Rep. Hunt’s efforts, American Pride Month will soon become a reality.

Hunt is a retired Army veteran and West Point graduate who spent eight years in service to the nation as an Aviation Branch Officer and AH-64D Apache Longbow helicopter pilot. He knows firsthand the importance of patriotism and how it can unite us as a nation.

In a recent interview, Hunt expressed grave concerns about the state of patriotism in America. He fears that woke ideology has replaced American pride with cultural tribalism, causing divisiveness and disunity among the people.

He believes that American Pride Month goes beyond mere symbolism – it’s a tangible way to rekindle our love for the nation and its values. The resolution will honor our heroic veterans and remind us of the shared legacy that unites all Americans.

Rep. Hunt’s resolution is a much-needed call to restore American values and promote patriotism in society. American Pride Month is a worthy cause that will celebrate the nation’s greatness and inspire us all to work towards a brighter future. Let us stand with Rep. Hunt and support this noble effort to make America great again!

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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