The Seige of France: Patriots Stand Up Against Rioters as Injuries Mount!

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An unprecedented show of fortitude is redefining the streets of France. As the nation reels from six tumultuous days of violent rioting, French citizens are boldly declaring, “Enough!” No longer mere spectators to the chaos, they are taking control, stepping in where the authorities have failed. Their war cry resonates through the smoky streets: “Blue, white, red: France belongs to the French!”

It started as a ripple of unrest, but soon swelled into a relentless wave of violence that gripped France for six harrowing days. Buildings set ablaze, countless vehicles torched, and over 700 law enforcement officers wounded. The national statistics reported are staggering, almost unimaginable.

However, amidst the smoke and rubble, a counter-movement is rising.

Defiant patriots have taken to the streets, echoing the bold colors of their national flag. These citizens refuse to stand idle while their country burns. From the bustling streets of Lyon to the quiet corners of Lorian, the French are banding together, claiming their cities back from the chaos.

These spontaneous ‘militias’, as some have called them, have shown remarkable determination and courage. Despite the danger, they patrol their neighborhoods, protect local businesses, and ensure the safety of their fellow citizens.

In Lyon, these patriots’ resonant chants can be heard echoing through the streets: “Blue, white, red: France belongs to the French!” The emotional display of nationalism serves not only as a rallying cry but also as a statement of their firm resolve to reclaim their homeland.

The effects of these patriotic uprisings are increasingly evident. The numbers of arrests are decreasing, with 157 recorded on the most recent night of rioting, down significantly from the previous days. It seems their presence has had a deterring effect on potential rioters.

In Lorian, a group of vigilantes even apprehended looters, turning them over to the local police. Their actions demonstrate a commitment to law and order, despite the widespread turmoil.

Meanwhile, public support for the patriotic movement is mounting. Jean Messiha, a prominent right-wing TV host, initiated a fundraising campaign on behalf of the officer involved in the contentious shooting of Nahel M. In four short days, Messiha’s campaign amassed an impressive €1 million in donations from over 42,000 individuals.

Notably, the reaction of the French populace extends beyond the direct response to the riots. Across the country, citizens gathered outside town halls to protest the violence and show solidarity with the family of a Parisian mayor recently targeted.

However, the patriotic resurgence has not been without controversy. Police have attempted to dispel some militia marches using tear gas, raising questions about the state’s stance on these citizen-led initiatives. Still, the resolute patriots remain undeterred.

Against a backdrop of smoke-filled streets and the bitter tang of unrest, a stirring counter-narrative is unfolding in France. As the riot toll climbs, French patriots refuse to surrender their homeland to chaos. Their motto, “Blue, white, red: France belongs to the French,” signifies more than nationalistic pride – it stands as a beacon of resolve and resilience amidst a tempest of turmoil. As the sun rises on a new day in France, it’s clear that these patriots are poised to reclaim their nation, one flag-waving, determined step at a time.

Gary Franchi

Gary Franchi

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