Tulsi Gabbard Strikes at Biden Over Nuclear War Risks Amid Ukraine War!

Ex-Lawmaker Gabbard Strikes at Biden Over Nuclear War Risks Amid Ukraine Crisis!
Ex-Lawmaker Gabbard Strikes at Biden Over Nuclear War Risks Amid Ukraine Crisis!
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In the midst of escalating tensions in Ukraine, a former US lawmaker, Tulsi Gabbard, has raised a thunderous voice of criticism against the Biden administration, accusing it of thrusting the world perilously close to nuclear war. Spearheading a bold discussion at a university in Colorado, Gabbard, an ex-Democrat Hawaiian lawmaker, accentuated the severity of the crisis, censuring President Joe Biden’s hawkish foreign policy, one she claims disregards the cataclysmic implications of a nuclear war scenario and casualties of a proxy war against Russia.

Gabbard, known prominently as a former US congressional representative & political commentator, lambasted President Biden’s brash implementation of warmongering policies and his administrations’s detachment from the reality of their dangerous gambit. “We are faced with the reality,” she said, seething with an urgent caveat, “Now, President Biden’s actions and policies have pushed us to the brink of nuclear war.”

Gabbard underlined the global cataclysm the situation could potentially bring to surface. A harsh critic of U.S. interventionism, she warned about the existential crisis the Biden administration is broaching not just for American citizens, but for humanity at large. She accused the administration of using Ukrainian lives as pawns in a fraught chess game against Russia – a move that escalates tension, instead of calming it.

Though the prospect of a nuclear war and subsequent World War III might seem far-fetched to a casual observer, Gabbard alleges that Biden and his aides speak of these possibilities as if they are normal eventualities. According to her, the administration’s cavalier attitude dismisses the gravity and perils attached to such a scenario, thus projecting a false image to the American public.

A major point of contention that Gabbard brought to the discussion was the administration’s concerns with arming Ukraine. The ex-lawmaker accused the administration of overlooking the cost and consequences of sending nuclear weapons to Ukraine. She cautioned that such a move would “only increase the likelihood” of a direct confrontation between NATO and Russia, escalating the already tense situation.

Ever since Russia launched a military campaign in Ukraine on February 24, 2022, Western countries led by the U.S. have been providing substantial financial and military aid to Ukraine. This assistance started with lighter arms and munitions and eventually escalated to include heavier artillery guns, shells, munitions, training, state-of-the-art main battle tanks, advanced artillery and anti-air systems, long-range missiles, and attack drones among other tech-enhanced weapons.

Understandably, Moscow has constantly raised red flags about the West’s military assistance to Ukraine, venturing a guess that this will only serve to elongate the war and increase casualties and destruction in the war zone without effectively hindering the Kremlin from accomplishing its security objectives.

In a volatile world of myriad complexities and challenges, it is critical to scrutinize policies that seemingly flirt with the idea of a nuclear war. Gabbard’s vehement criticism of the Biden administration reflects these concerns and sheds light on a situation that urgently demands a more considerate and careful approach. Her warning serves as a clarion call for administrations globally to reassess the scope of conflict and strive collectively towards a peaceful resolution. As the war drums continue to beat in the background, let us remember that the world doesn’t benefit from war but from understanding, diplomacy, and taking the path of peace. Nuclear war is not an option, and it is high time leaders worldwide realized it.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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