Machete Assault Exposes Gaping Loopholes in U.S. Immigration Laws

Machete Assault Exposes Gaping Loopholes in U.S. Immigration Laws
Machete Assault Exposes Gaping Loopholes in U.S. Immigration Laws
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In yet another case of illegal aliens wreaking havoc on American soil, the Aguilar-Borrayo brothers have been arrested for a brutal machete fight in Waltham, Massachusetts. But here’s the real kicker: these three illegal aliens were able to live in this town undetected for who knows how long before their violent outburst.

ICE officials have confirmed that Osman, Kevin, and Bryan Aguilar-Borrayo had all crossed the southern border unlawfully. And get this: they were given court dates for their immigration hearings but never showed up. Yet, they continued to live freely in Waltham, posing a threat to innocent American citizens.

It’s not just these three men who are slipping through the cracks either. Millions of illegal aliens have entered our country in just the past two and a half years. And what has the Biden administration done about it? Nothing. In fact, Biden has made it a priority to only deport “criminal” illegal aliens. So, unless someone like the Aguilar-Borrayo brothers commits a violent crime, they’re basically free to roam our streets and carry out their illegal activities.

This lax attitude towards illegal immigration has only worsened the situation. According to reports from April 2023, there is now a ten-year waiting list for illegal aliens to appear in court. And by that time, the Washington D.C. Establishment will likely have passed an amnesty program, effectively rewarding these criminals for breaking our laws.

But here’s the real issue: once these illegal immigrants are in our country, they’re nearly impossible to track down. Despite being given court dates and even free smartphones, they simply disappear into thin air. And the longer they stay, the more dangerous they become.

The Aguilar-Borrayo brothers are a prime example of just how dangerous these illegal aliens can be. They carried out a brutal attack on a pregnant woman with machetes, of all things. And who knows how many more like them are out there, ready to lash out at innocent Americans?

It’s time for our leaders to take action to protect American citizens. We need stronger borders, stricter immigration policies, and harsher punishments for those who break our laws. Enough is enough. It’s time to put America and Americans first.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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