JUST IN: Trump Declares War On Biden’s Disastrous EV Mandates in MUST SEE Video Message

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The storm is gathering, and America’s former Commander-in-Chief is at the helm, calling out the reckless policies of the Biden administration. In an explosive video message, Donald Trump has exposed the slow implosion of our beloved auto industry, under the relentless force of Joe Biden’s electrification mandate. Prepare to delve into a world where the American dream is under threat from extreme policies that demand you trade your gas guzzler for a costly electric vehicle. Trump’s clarion call is more than just a message – it’s a beacon of hope for an industry under siege.

In his recent video message, Trump made it crystal clear that Biden’s aggressive push for electrification is leading to an escalating crisis in the auto industry. This isn’t just about forcing Americans to buy electric cars; it’s about the survival of the auto industry itself, an essential cog in America’s economic machine, providing millions of jobs and propping up numerous related industries.

Trump laid bare the facts: despite thousands of electric vehicles lying unsold in dealerships, Biden’s relentless pursuit of his Green New Deal continues unabated, driving up car prices and endangering the future of American auto production. The result? Struggling families and consumers are feeling the pinch of a market distorted by an extreme left-wing agenda, pushing the average cost of a new car beyond fifty thousand dollars for the first time.

The reality is this: Biden’s approach is not only ineffective but is also using billions of hard-earned taxpayer dollars to subsidize electric cars, often benefiting wealthier individuals while leaving ordinary Americans out in the cold. The real kicker is that the majority of Americans neither want nor can afford these electric vehicles. A push for clean energy is commendable, but not at the expense of the average American’s wallet.

Biden’s assault on the auto industry is taking a toll on manufacturing too. In a flagrant attack on American-made pickup trucks, SUVs, and other automobiles, he doubled Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards, a move projected to cost automakers a staggering $200 billion. In a further devastating blow, Biden’s electric vehicle mandate is set to eliminate 117,000 U.S. auto manufacturing jobs, with workers in Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio bearing the brunt.

In his video message, Trump’s fierce criticism served as a rallying cry to the United Auto Workers and American consumers alike. His reminder of his track record as a defender of the auto industry, from cancelling the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) to renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), was a stark contrast to Biden’s seemingly disastrous policies. Trump fought for auto workers, saving American auto production from a fate it now faces once again under Biden’s administration.

The essence of Trump’s video message was simple: Biden’s disastrous policies are decimating the auto industry, hurting consumers and workers alike. Trump’s alarm bell is a reminder that the current course is unsustainable. To save the auto industry, he urged voters in states like Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina to reconsider their political choices.

Under Biden, American auto production is under threat. But under Trump, it thrived. His fight against TPP and NAFTA, and his renegotiation of Obama’s trade deal, proved beneficial for the auto industry. In a stark warning, Trump proclaimed, “If Biden’s assault is not stopped, American auto production will be totally dead.”

Trump’s video message is an urgent wake-up call for Americans. It’s high time we rescue the auto industry from Biden’s disastrous policies, and remember the high cost of job-killing electric car mandates. If we don’t heed Trump’s warning, the American auto industry may face an irreversible catastrophe. The former president’s pro-auto industry stance offers a glimmer of hope amidst the storm. This isn’t just about cars; it’s about jobs, our economy, and the American dream. We need to rally behind this message, because every American deserves affordable, reliable transportation – not just those who can afford a costly electric vehicle.

Gary Franchi

Gary Franchi

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