Watch Kirby Gaslight After Biden’s Mumbling Episode: Says All is “Clear” – Really?

Kirby gaslights on Fox.
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John Kirby, National Security Council spokesman, is making headlines for his defense of President Joe Biden’s latest incoherent moment. In a world where seeing is believing, Kirby seems to be pushing a different narrative, asserting Biden was clear. Critics argue this is a classic case of gaslighting—making people question their reality. As footage of Biden’s mumbling episode continues to circulate, Kirby’s insistence on clarity paints a contrasting picture. Is this an attempt to rewrite an uncomfortable narrative, or is it a genuine defense of the President’s communication style? This begs the question, are we witnessing a disturbing trend of political gaslighting?

In an era where every politician’s every word is scrutinized, their gaffes have become the stuff of internet memes and late-night comedy. However, when it’s the President of the United States, the stakes are higher. President Joe Biden’s latest on-air incident where he mumbled incoherently has given fodder to his critics. The clip circulating shows Biden struggling to articulate a point, his speech garbled, leaving viewers puzzled.

The White House, however, doesn’t seem to agree with this widespread interpretation. Enter John Kirby, the National Security Council spokesman, who defended the President on Fox News, stating that Biden was “very clear.”

Many saw this as Kirby trying to spin an awkward incident into a non-issue, a seeming attempt to gaslight the American public. Gaslighting, a term borrowed from a 1944 movie, refers to a form of psychological manipulation where a person tries to make another doubt their perception of reality. Kirby’s defense of Biden’s incoherent mumbling is being viewed by critics as a prime example of this phenomenon.

As an administration, it is understandable that the White House would defend the President. That is part and parcel of politics. But there’s a fine line between defense and deception, and critics argue Kirby crossed it. His comments were met with skepticism and even disbelief. It seemed as if Kirby was telling the American public that they did not see what they clearly saw.

It’s not the first time that Kirby has defended Biden’s communication lapses. This episode is the latest in a growing list of instances where the White House has brushed off Biden’s gaffes as negligible. This pattern has raised eyebrows and stoked the debate about Biden’s cognitive abilities, with detractors questioning whether he is fit to hold office.

And it’s not just Biden’s critics who are asking these questions. Even those who support him have expressed concern. They argue that it is not just about political preference but about the leader of the free world being able to communicate effectively and clearly.

While it is common for politicians to make occasional gaffes and blunders, Biden’s incoherent mumbling episodes have become alarmingly frequent. His critics are quick to point out that this is not merely about one-off incidents but a recurring pattern. There’s also a growing concern that this may affect international relations, as clear communication is crucial in diplomatic interactions.

Critics argue that Kirby’s comments are part of a larger trend within the administration of trying to control the narrative, an approach that could backfire. The more the White House tries to convince the American people that they didn’t see what they saw or hear what they heard, the more it risks eroding public trust. A lack of trust can lead to skepticism, disillusionment, and ultimately, disengagement.

Critics also argue that gaslighting, if indeed this is what Kirby’s comments amount to, can be dangerous because it sows seeds of doubt and confusion. It’s not merely about disagreeing on policy matters or political strategies. It’s about making people question their perception of reality.

Despite these criticisms, Kirby has stood by his statement, maintaining that Biden was clear in his communication. Whether this is an earnest defense or a desperate attempt to protect the administration’s image remains a point of contention.

As the debate rages on, the American public is left to draw their own conclusions. Was Biden clear in his communication as Kirby insists, or was he, as the clip suggests, mumbling incoherently? Are Kirby and the administration gaslighting the American public, or are they genuinely defending Biden?

Only time will tell how this saga will impact public opinion, the Biden administration, and American politics at large. But one thing is clear – the American public deserves transparency, honesty, and leaders who can communicate effectively.

As we navigate the maze of political narratives, Kirby’s defense of Biden’s latest gaffe provides food for thought. His insistence that Biden was clear in his communication, despite the obvious evidence, points to a troubling trend of gaslighting. The American public, caught in this crossfire of narratives, deserves more. They deserve clarity, honesty, and accountability from their leaders. If they don’t get this, trust in the administration will erode, and public faith in democratic processes may be compromised. In the final analysis, the political is personal, and gaslighting, whether intentional or not, is an affront to every citizen’s perception of reality.

Gary Franchi

Gary Franchi

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