DHS Chief Mayorkas Dismisses ‘Illegals’ – Advocates for Dignified Language Amid Rampant Border Crisis

DHS Chief Shifts Language Amid Border Crisis: Actions or Acts of Linguistic Vanity?
DHS Chief Shifts Language Amid Border Crisis: Actions or Acts of Linguistic Vanity?
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Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is playing political correctness games while America is facing the worst crisis in its southern border. The crisis that he is trying to cover up involves thousands of illegal aliens coming into our country, exploiting economic opportunities and draining resources away from hardworking Americans. Mayorkas is not only turning a blind eye to this baleful situation, but he is also bragging about not using the term “illegal alien” anymore. This shows how far political correctness has infiltrated the highest level of our government.

Mayorkas seems to have a lax approach toward the southern border crisis, insisting that the thousands of illegal aliens streaming into our country aren’t gaming the system. This is laughable, to say the least. In the fiscal year 2022 alone, federal authorities recorded more than 2.3 million encounters, and the number has already crossed the 1.7 million threshold for this year. These aren’t just desperate people looking for better lives through legal means; these are people who are gaming the system and exploiting their illegal entry to the fullest.

Mayorkas’s statements reflect the typical liberal mindset that attempts to confuse people with jargon and talk around the issue. He emphasized that they use the term “non-citizen,” not “illegal alien,” to respect the dignity of these individuals. This is simply ridiculous because when someone violates our laws, they’re no longer a “non-citizen”; they’ve become an illegal alien. The fact that Mayorkas wants to sugarcoat this matter instead of taking real action is simply unacceptable.

The situation at our southern border has become so dire that it’s causing chaos in American society. Thousands of illegal aliens are sneaking in without any form of vetting, risking the lives of law-abiding citizens. Our hospitals and schools are being overwhelmed, and the government is trying to sweep this under the rug with their politically correct language. Mayorkas’s lax approach towards border control and his politically correct agenda is putting our country at risk and is untenable.

We need to put an end to this farce and take a hardline approach towards illegal aliens. Americans deserve to know what’s really going on at our southern border, and we need action now. We urge the government to take swift and decisive action to restore order, protect our citizens, and make our country a safer place for all Americans. The time for political correctness is up, and the time for real action is here.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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