Democrat Plaskett Shocking Stance: Govt. as ‘Ministry of Truth’?!

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In a stunning revelation, Stacey Plaskett, a Democrat Congresswoman, declared her idea of government’s role in ‘truth-telling.’ Yes, you heard it right. During an MSNBC interview with Jen Psaki, Plaskett insinuated that the federal government should be the arbiter of ‘truth’ and ‘untruth’ for the American people. This audacious stance paints a chilling picture of a nation where citizens’ access to information and understanding of reality are directly controlled by the government, eerily reminiscent of Orwell’s dystopian “1984.” The proposal, masking as a guard against ‘untruths,’ is a direct affront to our cherished freedom of speech.

To understand the depth of Plaskett’s unsettling comment, let’s start by unwrapping what she truly said. She suggested that ‘censorship’ of ‘untruths’ isn’t stopping people from speaking, rather it’s providing the ‘truth’ to the American public. This seems noble at first glance, but the devil lies in the details. Who defines these ‘truths’ and ‘untruths’? In Plaskett’s view, it’s the government, establishing itself as the proverbial ‘Ministry of Truth.’ Her stance, while chilling, is disturbingly reflective of an authoritarian direction that has previously led societies down grim paths in history.

One could argue that such a proposition sounds dangerously close to the terrifying notion of a state-controlled media, where the government maintains a firm grasp on what information gets disseminated and how it’s interpreted. This encroachment on the fundamental freedoms of the press and speech is unprecedented and calls for serious concern.

But Plaskett didn’t stop there. She audaciously accused Republicans of making ‘wild, outlandish claims.’ She implied these ‘untruths’ are detrimental to the American people and may even suppress voter turnout. But let’s consider, who decides what’s ‘wild’ and ‘outlandish’? By whose yardstick are we measuring the ‘truth’? History has shown us that when governments begin defining truth, freedom dwindles, and authoritarianism creeps in.

It seems Plaskett conveniently forgets numerous instances when the current administration miscommunicated or misled the public. Let’s not forget Anthony Fauci’s inconsistent narratives around COVID, Rochelle Walensky’s vaccine miscommunications, or Alejandro Mayorkas’s ‘secure border’ claims. Not to mention the continued lack of transparency around Hunter Biden’s laptop scandal. But according to Plaskett, the same government should be the dispenser of ‘truth’? A skeptical mind may find this hard to stomach.

A deeper look into Plaskett’s political profile further raises eyebrows. Recently, she seemingly suggested that former President Donald Trump “needs to be shot”— before hastily correcting it to “stopped.” And let’s not forget the lingering queries about her possible links with the late Jeffrey Epstein. For someone advocating for ‘truth,’ Plaskett seems to have an intricate web of her own ‘truths’ yet to be fully unraveled.

This whole saga is not merely about Plaskett; it’s a spotlight on the larger Democrat mentality. The far-left, in its drive for power and control, seems increasingly comfortable with suppressing conservative voices and opinions that oppose their narratives. It’s troubling how a growing number of Democrats seem to resonate with Plaskett’s idea of state-controlled ‘truth.’

It’s critical to remember that the foundation of our nation lies in the free exchange of ideas, not in the suppression or control of them. This implies tolerating viewpoints that some might find ‘untruthful’ or ‘outlandish.’ It’s the responsibility of a free press and an educated citizenry to filter through information, validate its authenticity, and form their own beliefs.

Imposing ‘truth’ from a government pedestal undermines the essence of our democracy. It corrodes the role of journalism, effectively turning reporters into mere mouthpieces for state-defined truths. This tactic, as history illustrates, is characteristic of authoritarian regimes, not free societies.

As we grapple with the shock of Plaskett’s revelation, let’s remind ourselves of our founding principles. They include the freedoms of speech and the press, enabling us to question, debate, and challenge the powerful. These liberties are the bulwarks against the very dystopian reality that Plaskett’s vision suggests.

Stacey Plaskett’s proposal of the government as the guardian of ‘truth’ sounds an alarm. It’s a distressing vision that threatens to undercut our democratic values and freedoms. Instead of being guided by a government-dictated ‘truth,’ we must uphold the principles of open debate and free exchange of ideas that have long been the bedrock of our society. It’s high time that we, the people, challenge this potentially Orwellian path. It’s not the government, but we, the vigilant citizens, who should be the arbiters of truth in our great nation, keeping our democracy vibrant and resilient.

Gary Franchi

Gary Franchi

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