Fiery Showdown: Rep. Hageman Slams DHS Secretary Mayorkas for ‘Lying’ on Live TV!

Fiery Showdown: Rep. Hageman Slams DHS Secretary Mayorkas for 'Lying' on Live TV!
Fiery Showdown: Rep. Hageman Slams DHS Secretary Mayorkas for 'Lying' on Live TV!
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The Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas faced an intense grilling from Republican lawmakers during a hearing on Capitol Hill. Newly elected GOP congresswoman, Harriet Hageman, slammed Mayorkas during the hearing for allegedly lying to the American people. She began her tirade by thanking him for attending the hearing and putting on a performance where he danced, dodged, and lied through his teeth.

“You are a tyrant,” she declared. “The Founding Fathers warned us about people like you who would do everything in their power to control speech, limit our freedom and take away our rights.” Hageman further labeled Mayorkas as “the walking, talking epitome of a tyrant,” saying that his actions are undermining the foundations of American democracy.

The Congresswoman reminded Mayorkas of the First Amendment, which was written to protect American citizens against tyrants like him, who try to determine what is true and untrue and control speech and freedom. She praised the foresight of the Founding Fathers in drafting the amendment, which has stopped Mayorkas and people like him from limiting the freedom of American citizens.

Similar sentiments were echoed by other Republican lawmakers during the hearing. Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) criticized Mayorkas for claiming that the government had operational control of the border, saying that his dubious border claims had real-life implications. Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA) lacerated Mayorkas for his agency’s decision to determine what is true and false, pointing out that a court had reached the same conclusion.

Johnson fired, “I’ve been in Congress for seven years, and I think you are the most dishonest witness that has ever appeared before the Judiciary Committee.”

Arizona Republican Rep. Andy Biggs also had a word or two for Mayorkas, hammering him for his failure to protect the American people,.

“You have failed in your duty to protect the American people,” Biggs declared. “Your incompetence is a danger to American citizens, and it’s high time you take responsibility for your actions.”

In conclusion, Republican lawmakers called out Mayorkas for his tyrannical approach and urged him to adhere to the principles of the Constitution. They reminded him that American citizens have the right to free speech, association, and communication – rights they will always fight to protect.

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