Aussie IT Firm Goes Viral with ‘Non-Woke’ Job Listing

Aussie IT Firm Ignites Debate with 'Non-Woke' Job Listing: Unorthodox or Against the Grain?
Aussie IT Firm Ignites Debate with 'Non-Woke' Job Listing: Unorthodox or Against the Grain?
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In a provocative departure from the mainstream, Wallis Computer Solutions, an IT firm based in Dalwallinu, Western Australia, has unabashedly ignited discussion with their unambiguous job listing for a “non-woke” employee. The advert, released online, seeks to recruit a like-minded MSP L2+ Technician who’s decisively not in the business of debating their pronouns—an unusual employment criterion that’s created a ripple in the corporate realm and beyond.

Wallis Computer Solutions is a small company making a potent statement that swiftly traverses the sphere of personal beliefs and work environments. “We are looking for an MSP technician who is now looking for a position in a company who is not woke and values diversity of thought,” the company declared outright. This niche vacancy is stuffed with details that are poles apart from conventional notions of workplace culture and inclusivity.

The job listing’s “core position details” were explicit: “No requirements for pronouns” and “we know what a woman is.” The latter is a sentiment echoing the controversial phrase popularized by Matt Walsh’s successful documentary “What Is A Woman?” Such blatant and unorthodox views explicitly challenge the conventional corporate culture response to gender politics that typically aspires to neutrality or avoidance.

Even the medical expectations for the employees at Wallis Computer Solutions are distinctly unorthodox. Prospective candidates are made aware that they are “not required to have the COVID vaccine or any other vaccine to work.” In an era where many businesses mandate vaccines to safeguard the workplace, this stance is a pronounced deviation from the norm, and yet another assertion of the company firmly planting its flag in the sand amidst contentious public debates.

Beneath “core values,” the company’s underlying ethos of rigorous commitment is manifest. Phrases like “near enough is not good enough” and “go hard or go home” clearly delineate an unyielding approach to work. This dedication towards taking an unequivocal stand in their values was reflected when they received unexpected attention last year for an advert for an “Unvaxxed Remote MSP Technician job.”

In a candid discussion on the contentious subject of the COVID vaccine, Wallis Computer Solutions’ managing director, Nathanael Wallis, stated, “Prior to the advent of the Covid-19 vaccine, I expressed to our team my conviction that medical decisions should remain a personal choice.” This conviction, he makes clear, stands unwavering and unapologetic in the face of public controversy.

As contentious debates about identity politics, personal freedoms, and medical choices continue to function as flashpoints in societies, companies like Wallis Computer Solutions serve as the crystallization of these debates within workplace culture. By publicizing their non-conventional yet firm beliefs, Wallis Computer Solutions has given the corporate realm— and indeed, the world — reason to ponder and debate.

In conclusion, the bold and unconventional job advertisement by Wallis Computer Solutions is a testament to the deep diversification in corporate cultures across the globe. This small enterprise in Western Australia has effectively confronted traditional taboos and norms, drawing both flak and applause for its unabashed stance. As society continues to grapple with the intertwined issues of identity, health, and employment, firms such as Wallis Computer Solutions will provide a novel lens through which we view these complex debates. Whether one agrees with their approach or not, it is undeniable that their actions will shape the ongoing conversation about the role of personal beliefs within the corporate sphere.

Next News Network Team

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