Biden Ditches Politics for Climate Chat on Weather Channel, Dodging Hunter Biden Storm Clouds?

Biden Ditches Politics for Climate Chat on Weather Channel, Dodging Hunter Biden Storm Clouds?
Biden Ditches Politics for Climate Chat on Weather Channel, Dodging Hunter Biden Storm Clouds?
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President Joe Biden is deliberately avoiding the media and has refused to address the recent damning evidence regarding his son Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings. Instead, Biden has opted for a rare one-on-one interview, where he is set to discuss….wait for it….climate change on none other than The Weather Channel. This strategic move is an obvious attempt to reach voters who don’t tune into political news and avoid any questions regarding Hunter’s indiscretions.

The fact that Biden has avoided major press conferences and in-person interviews for most of his tenure in the White House has not gone unnoticed by the Press Corps. The lack of access to Biden and his administration has drawn criticism, and this rare interview, set to air on Wednesday, seems to be an attempt to pacify the Press Corps and the American public, serving only as a thinly veiled attempt to distract and deflect blame.

White House Communications Director Ben LaBolt shamelessly explained the move, cynically claiming that the president was attempting to reach voters who didn’t typically watch political interviews. This political maneuvering is nothing new for Democrats, who are notorious for their ability to avoid the tough questions and media scrutiny that comes with public office. This interview is just another example of their spineless tactics.

Ironically, just days before this interview, Hunter Biden’s former business partner Devon Archer testified, directly contradicting Joe Biden’s claims that he had never spoken to Hunter about his foreign business dealings. Democrats have tried to explain away Archer’s claims by suggesting that Biden only discussed trivial and mundane things like “the weather” when he spoke with Hunter’s business associates. This flimsy excuse is laughable and shows just how desperate Democrats are to protect their golden boy.

The fact that Biden’s interview is set to air on The Weather Channel is a prime example of just how low Democrats will stoop to protect their own. The American people deserve answers about Hunter’s foreign business dealings, his ties to foreign adversaries, and why cocaine was found in the White House. But instead, the Democrats opt for a fluff piece on climate change, hoping to score cheap political points while avoiding the tough questions.

Americans deserve better than this. It’s time for Joe Biden to come clean and face the music. The American people won’t be fooled by his political maneuvers or distractions for much longer.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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