Biden’s $24B Ukraine Aid Proposal Ignites Debate Amidst Domestic Crises: Is America Overlooked?

Biden's $24B Ukraine Aid Proposal Ignites Debate Amidst Domestic Crises: Is America Overlooked?
Biden's $24B Ukraine Aid Proposal Ignites Debate Amidst Domestic Crises: Is America Overlooked?
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The Heritage Foundation has exposed President Joe Biden’s reckless spending on Ukraine aid in a scathing ad that aired during Wednesday’s presidential debate. The Foundation unequivocally stated that Biden is holding disaster relief funds for Americans “hostage” for his unfounded crusade against Russia. The ad highlights the fact that the average American household has paid a colossal $900 towards Ukraine’s ongoing conflict with Russia, a troubling statistic that has been ignored by the Biden administration. Therefore, the ad asserts that Congress should not approve another cent towards Ukraine’s war, which has already received a staggering $113 billion in military and economic aid. It is an irresponsibility of the highest order for Biden to ask for an additional $24 billion when the average American household is already struggling to cover a $400 emergency expense, with 37% of Americans unable to pay it.

Heritage President Dr. Kevin Roberts blasted the proposal, calling it “typical of the D.C. swamp to play games with the American people’s money.” The ad will also stream on the audio version of the Ruthless podcast, which will undoubtedly increase awareness of Biden’s gross misuse of American taxpayers’ money.

Richard Stern of the Heritage Foundation’s budget center indicated that should Biden’s desired aid be approved for Ukraine, it would cost an alarming $1,100 per household. This development is particularly distressing given that 37% of Americans cannot afford a $400 emergency expense, yet Biden wants them to shoulder an additional $1,100. Such an irresponsible and wasteful gamble with taxpayers’ hard-earned money is typical of the liberal elites in Washington, who care more about appeasing foreign regimes than the welfare of American citizens. Breitbart News’s Kristina Wong has also revealed that Biden’s promised one-time $700 payment per household to survivors of the Maui fires is far less than the generous handouts currently being given to Ukraine.

It is no wonder that the Heritage Foundation is rallying against such reckless spending and urging Congress not to approve any more aid to Ukraine. In a CNN poll, 55% of Americans opposed more aid being given to Ukraine, reflecting the widespread sentiment that bailing out foreign regimes is not a priority for American taxpayers. Furthermore, the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine has resulted in a staggering death toll, with an unprecedented 500,000 Ukrainian and Russian troops killed since the conflict’s inception 18 months ago. George Beebe, director of grand strategy for the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft, astutely pointed out that aid without diplomacy is merely a ploy for another never-ending war.

America needs leaders who prioritize the American people’s welfare above appeasing foreign regimes, and the Heritage Foundation remains committed to that mission. Rep. Andy Harris (R-MD), the co-chair of the Congressional Ukraine Caucus, is right; Ukraine’s war against Russia may not be winnable anymore. Therefore, the Heritage Foundation’s ad is a welcome call to put an end to such reckless spending, and we stand with them in adamantly opposing any further aid to Ukraine.

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