Nikki Haley Sounds Alarm: ‘Can’t Chance Kamala Harris Presidency’

Nikki Haley Sounds Alarm: 'Can't Chance Kamala Harris Presidency'
Nikki Haley Sounds Alarm: 'Can't Chance Kamala Harris Presidency'
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The United States of America is in a grave state of peril as the Biden Administration and its radical left-wing agenda runs roughshod over our nation’s founding principles. But it’s not President Joe Biden who should have every patriotic American trembling with fear – it’s Vice President Kamala Harris who’s the real threat to our nation’s sovereignty and way of life.

Former South Carolina Governor, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations and current Republican Presidential candidate, Nikki Haley, has been sounding the alarm and warning us all that we cannot allow Kamala Harris to ascend to the presidency. Her warnings are not unfounded, as Harris has garnered the lowest approval rating in history for a Vice President in the recent NBC News survey. Nearly half of respondents hold a negative opinion of Harris, while only a meager 32 percent voice a positive view of the Vice President.

This is an unequivocal indication that Kamala Harris is a disaster waiting to happen, but the mainstream media and leftist Democrats continue to prop her up while actively ignoring her many missteps and failures. It’s not surprising that MSNBC is perturbed by Haley’s assessment of the situation, as the leftist media’s agenda is at odds with the interests of patriotic Americans.

Harris is the epitome of radical leftist agendas, embodying policies that are blatantly anti-American. Her failure to secure the southern border against the tide of illegal immigrants and the drug cartels is an act of treachery against our nation. The subsequent spike in violent crime across the nation is also a direct consequence of her incompetence and lack of leadership.

We need to stand united as a nation and staunchly oppose Kamala Harris and her radical agenda. She’s the puppet master of Biden Administration’s disastrous decisions. The President’s mental decline has been on full display, and the radical ideas emanating from his administration are not something that should be allowed to prevail. It’s up to patriotic American conservatives to be vigilant, informed, and resolute in opposing the toxic radicalism that threatens our way of life. Let us heed Haley’s warning, and ensure we make our voices heard at the polls come next election.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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