Trump Triumphs! Historic Lead in GOP Primary

Trump Triumphs! Historic Lead in GOP Primary Despite Abortion Controversy & Skipping Debates
Trump Triumphs! Historic Lead in GOP Primary Despite Abortion Controversy & Skipping Debates
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Former President Donald Trump’s unwavering support among the American people has only strengthened further according to the latest Real Clear Politics polling average. The polls show that Trump has been maintaining his lead with a significant portion of the electorate, even in the face of a large field of Republican Party challengers.  Trump’s lead in the polls has gone from strength to strength since he announced his candidacy in November 2022, and his current rating of 58.8% in the national RCP average is an all-time high, despite the continued onslaught from hostile media and Democrats.

In the latest polls, Trump leads his nearest challenger, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, by a commanding 50 percentage points.  Governor DeSantis has slipped further down the polls, down by more than ten-percentage points in the polling average since early June. The other candidates who trail Trump by a considerable margin are entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy (7.5%), former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley (5.0%), former Vice President Mike Pence (4.1%), former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (2.3%), and Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina (2.3%). North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum and former Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson, who both qualified for the first GOP debate last month, are both trailing in last place, at less than 1%, according to the RCP average.

In all of the last 3 polls conducted, Emerson, Yahoo News, and Morning Consult, Trump demonstrated a tremendous showing with a whopping 59%. In earlier polls taken by Harvard-Harris and Economist/YouGov, last week, Trump polled at 57% and 55%, respectively. DeSantis’ best showing was in the Economist/YouGov poll where he remains at an average of 16% for each of the previous three polls. Ramaswamy hit double digits at 10% in the Morning Consult poll while coming within just two percentage points of DeSantis in the Harvard-Harris poll.

Trump’s soaring popularity also mirrors in a hypothetical general election matchup against President Joe Biden where Trump now leads, beating Biden 45.1% to 44.6% nationally. 

Trump’s decision to avoid the first Republican debate has had no effect whatsoever on his polling rating nationally. Trump has now decided to skip the second debate, preferring instead to visit and address striking auto workers in Detroit. 

Trump’s massive lead in the national polls, hovering at almost 50 percentage points, is remarkable. However, his support in Iowa remains a little lower at 46.0%, according to the latest RCP average. Governor DeSantis holds second place at 15.8%, with Scott (9.0%) and Haley (7.0%) gaining momentum to come in third and fourth place. Ramaswamy, Pence, Christie and Burgum round out the polling of candidates who hit above 2% in Iowa.

With these impressive statistics, there is no doubt that Trump remains the top favorite among the Republican nominees who are thrown into the ring to win the nomination. Trump’s unwavering support among the American people is a testament to his policies that put America first and his unwavering battle to maintain law and order. As we move forward, there should be little doubt that Trump is the man for the job.  More than anything, these latest polls prove that the American people are eager to bring a true leader back into their midst, taking the country towards greater prosperity and success.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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