Fiery Exchange Ignites White House Briefing: Doocy, Jean-Pierre Spat Over Immigration Crisis!

Fiery Exchange Ignites White House Briefing: Doocy, Jean-Pierre Spat Over Immigration Crisis!
Fiery Exchange Ignites White House Briefing: Doocy, Jean-Pierre Spat Over Immigration Crisis!
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Tensions boiled over during a recent White House press briefing between the seemingly unprepared spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre and Fox News’ Peter Doocy. Doocy, ever the thorn in the administration’s side, posed a pointed question to Jean-Pierre, asking what the White House called it when 10,000 illegal migrants crossed the border in a single day.

The response from Jean-Pierre was lackluster, as if she had no idea what was occurring on the southern border. She tried to pivot, blaming the GOP, but Doocy pressed on, demanding a response from the administration.

The numbers are staggering, according to data from CBP, over 10,000 migrants crossed the border illegally in a single day, higher than the numbers recorded during the summer. The breakdown of the encounters includes 1,800 in Rio Grande Valley, Texas; 1,600 in Del Rio, Texas; 1,500 in Tucson, Arizona, and upwards of 1,000 in El Paso, Texas. A clear indication that the southern border is out of control, and the Biden administration is doing nothing to stem the flow.

The surge in illegal border crossings has been consistent throughout September, showing a marked increase compared to the relative calm during the summer. However, the current numbers are still lower than the record set in May, which saw a staggering 10,000 encounters in a single day.

The Biden administration previously touted the reduced numbers during the summer as evidence of the effectiveness of its border policies. However, it has become clear that the administration’s policies have not only failed to stem the flow of illegal migrants but have encouraged it.

Many conservative politicians and pundits have criticized the administration’s handling of the border crisis, with some questioning whether the Biden administration is intentionally implementing policies that encourage illegal migration. Some have argued that the administration is using the issue of illegal immigration as a political tool, rather than working to secure the southern border.

Many voters are expressing frustration with the administration’s inaction, with some concerned about the negative impact of a surge in illegal migrants on public safety, public health, and the economy. Some have called on the administration to take immediate steps to secure the border, including investing in border security and increasing the number of border patrol agents.

In conclusion, Joe Biden and his administration have failed to secure the southern border, and their policies are only contributing to the surge in illegal migration. It’s time for the administration to take immediate action to protect Americans and secure the southern border.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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