The “Water Crisis”: A New Tool for Global Governance Amplification?

Water Crisis: A Shrewd Move in the Global Governance Chess Game?
Water Crisis: A Shrewd Move in the Global Governance Chess Game?
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The globalist elites at the World Economic Forum (WEF) are at it again, drumming up fear and panic over the so-called “water crisis.” This time, Mariana Mazzucato, an unelected “agenda contributor” to the WEF, claims that while “climate change” is too abstract for people to grasp, the water crisis is something that will deeply impact everyone.

Mazzucato, a puppet of the globalist elites, thinks that water is the perfect tool to expand their “global governance” agenda further. She believes that using water as a scare tactic is more effective than climate change because it’s tangible and something that “every kid knows how important it is to have water.”

The WEF expands on this agenda on its website, claiming that water-related crises around the world demonstrate that the current systems of water management are unsuited for a world altered by global warming. They argue that water-use restrictions, power cuts, and other measures are no longer fit for purpose. The world needs to redefine its plans, which will help governments steer innovation and know-how towards meeting critical goals.

The WEF is exploiting the alleged “water crisis” to push for international socialist policies, claiming that “in tackling these global challenges, we must hardwire the principles of equity and justice into whatever new arrangements we devise.” But let’s be clear: the WEF is not interested in equity or justice. Instead, they want to use the supposed water crisis as a tool to implement socialist policies that will hurt the economy and restrict personal freedoms.

Furthermore, the so-called “water crisis” is a manufactured crisis, just like climate change. Public health statistics show that 99% fewer people are dying from natural disasters than one hundred years ago. Moreover, water is a renewable resource, and there is no evidence of a global water shortage. The real issue is access to water, which can be solved through market mechanisms and individual property rights.

In conclusion, the WEF’s scare tactics about the “water crisis” are simply a ploy to implement their socialist agenda. There is no water crisis, and the alleged problem can be addressed through market-based solutions. The WEF’s push for global governance is a threat to personal freedom and individual liberties and must be resisted at all costs.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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