Merrick Garland’s Outrageous Lie on ’60 Minutes’

Garland Refutes Bias Claims, Vows to Uphold Law Over Politics: CBS '60 Minutes' Splashes Reveal
Garland Refutes Bias Claims, Vows to Uphold Law Over Politics: CBS '60 Minutes' Splashes Reveal
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U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland’s political bias and lack of impartiality in running the Department of Justice have drawn widespread criticism from conservatives. In a recent interview with CBS News’ “60 Minutes,” Garland denied any wrongdoing, insisting that the DOJ operates without partisan considerations. However, concerns regarding his alleged targeting of former President Donald Trump and current President Joe Biden have only intensified.

Garland has faced mounting scrutiny over his alleged timing of the prosecutions against Trump to damage his chances of a 2024 election run. Many point to the nonpartisan DOJ prosecutors’ sudden interest in the cases after Trump’s term ended as evidence of Garland’s political motivations. Regarding Biden’s own criminal investigation, Garland has sought to downplay his administration’s involvement, asserting that he does not communicate with Biden or anyone else about the matter. However, the credibility of this statement has been questioned given the highly politicized nature of the investigation.

Moreover, Garland’s insistence on avoiding commentary on ongoing investigations has attracted criticism from some quarters. His claims that remaining silent on ongoing matters is necessary to protect witnesses and witnesses’ privacy has been met with skepticism, with many questioning whether the DOJ is playing politics by hiding details that could be damaging to the current administration. Further, the special counsel’s investigation into Hunter Biden’s business matters has raised significant concerns about the extent of political influence within the DOJ.

Overall, Garland’s tenure at the DOJ has been mired in controversy. With allegations of political bias, secrecy, and lack of impartiality, many conservatives are calling for an investigation into whether Garland is actually upholding his duties as Attorney General or engaging in partisan politics. It remains to be seen how much longer Garland will remain at the helm of the DOJ or if his tenure will ultimately be judged by the courts and the American public in the coming years.

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