BOMBSHELL Poll for Biden: Approval Ratings at Record Lows!

Biden Woos Israel Amid Conflicts and Shrinking U.S. Approval
Biden Woos Israel Amid Conflicts and Shrinking U.S. Approval
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The recent Hamas terrorist attacks on Israel have caused the American public to voice overwhelming support for Israel and demand that the U.S. government prioritize funding for their military. However, despite this, a significant portion of the public wants the U.S. to remain impartial in the conflict, indicating a lack of clarity and a fluidity in the situation.

According to the CNBC All-America Economic Survey, President Joe Biden’s approval rating is at an all-time low, with 58% of Americans disapproving of his performance, the highest in his presidency. His handling of the economy has garnered the lowest approval rating of his presidency, with 63% of Americans disapproving. Even with his public support for Israel, the President’s foreign policy track record has earned him poor ratings, with only 31% of Americans approving and 60% disapproving.

The President’s numbers among young people, Blacks, and Latinos have particularly dipped, with his support among Democrats falling to just 66% for his handling of foreign policy and 74% for the economy, compared to the overall 81% approval rating by Democrats. These numbers spell bad news for the President in a potential re-election bid.

In a head-to-head race, President Biden would lose to Former President Donald Trump by 4 points, with Trump leading 46% to 42%, according to the survey. While this may seem like a bright spot for the President, the poll surveyed independents and undecided voters who both show leanings towards Trump, indicating this gap may widen as time goes on.

The survey also found that Republicans overwhelmingly support prioritizing Israel over Palestine, with 57% stating the U.S. government should favor Israelis, compared to just 29% of Democrats and 27% of independents. These numbers show a generational split in the Democratic party, with younger Democrats increasingly showing sympathy towards both sides, while older Democrats are more supportive of Israel.

Moreover, Republicans and independents prioritize securing the U.S. border with Mexico and funding for Israel’s military above all else, while Democrats prioritize funding for Ukraine’s military, followed by foreign humanitarian aid.

In conclusion, President Biden’s waning approval rating and unfavorable foreign policy record have dimmed his prospects for re-election, with Former President Trump showing an advantage in a hypothetical head-to-head race. Additionally, there is a growing partisan divide between favoring Israel over Palestine, with Republicans and older Democrats showing more sympathy towards Israel while younger Democrats show more impartiality.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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