Pushing Boundaries: TikTok Star Dishes Out $10K for Eyeball Tattoos in Extreme Body Art Trend!

Pushing Boundaries: TikTok Star Dishes Out $10K for Eyeball Tattoos in Extreme Body Art Trend!
Pushing Boundaries: TikTok Star Dishes Out $10K for Eyeball Tattoos in Extreme Body Art Trend!
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In the constantly evolving world of tattoo artistry, six TikTok creators are pushing the envelope, with one achieving the radical transformation of his very eyes, encompassing the whites with jet black ink. This startling development epitomizes the lengths body art enthusiasts are willing to go in their journey of self-expression. The man at the forefront of this trend is Quest Gulliford, a popular TikToker amassing close to a million followers who are mesmerized by his head-to-toe ink, but most notably by his eye-catching eyeball tattoos.

Gulliford’s journey into monochromatic ocular metamorphosis began six years ago, when he started contemplating the unusual body modification. The Las Vegas influencer experimented with blackout contacts for a month before taking the irreversible leap. However, he needed another six years to gather the funds for the pricey procedure. The bill for two black eyes? A staggering $10,000.

Quest Gulliford

This unconventional process, performed by ‘eyeball tattoo inventor’ Cobra Luna, required Gulliford to hold his eyelids open as Luna injected four shots of pigment into each eyeball. “After he would do each shot, he would barely touch it to rub it around,” Gulliford recounted. Now the remarkable transformation is permanent, and he couldn’t be happier.

However, Gulliford’s pursuit of unique body art didn’t stop there. Despite numerous assertions about him running out of canvas space, he asserts, “I promise you there is.” Over the course of 13 years, he has invested an estimated $70,000 into his tattoo transformation.

Prominent celebrities too have been showcasing their novel tattoos. Blink-182 drummer immortalized his 30th flight after surviving a plane crash with a ‘Time Flies’ tattoo, while Taylor Lautner and his wife etched their love story onto their skin commemorating their wedding date. ‘Aquaman’ Jason Momoa and McEwen of ‘Selling Sunset’ unveiled head and face tattoos respectively, while the pop singer Justin Bieber brandished a mystifying neck tattoo. In essence, the tattoo revolution is far from over.

In stark contrast to the classic ‘think before you ink’ advice, these controversial and permanent body modifications, such as Gulliford’s visibly striking eyeball tattoos, are gaining traction. However, it’s not just a fad. These forms of self-expression are pushing the boundaries of convention, empowering individuals to embody their unique narrative in visible and profoundly personal ways.

This immensely personal, extreme, and controversial form of self-expression exemplified by TikToker Quest Gulliford is a testament to the limitless nature of body modification artistry. Gulliford, unperturbed by public opinion and aware of the irreversible nature of his choice, remains contented with his decision. His story serves as a bold reminder that the syringe’s tip is only scratching the surface of tattoo art – a dynamic medium continually being redefined. To those sailing this uncharted territory, there’s always room for more ink. To the observers, you may just have to open your eyes a little wider. Regardless, the tattoo revolution presses on, as unpredictable as the human canvas it adorns.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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